Stop Comcast Cable from overriding consumer choice & bundling sexually provoactive programs within b

  • by: Kbeckwith Atcomcast
  • target: Comcast Cable, And the practice of No Choice Bundling by all Cable companies.

Comcast Cable & other cable companies insist on "Bundling" objectional & marginal programs in basic, and even the more expensive packages, giving you and I NO Choice in the large number of morally, ethically & culturally objectionable programs being pumped into our homes 24/7. They expect people just to take the bad with the good no questions asked, as if that's just the way of the world is, deal with it.  

This may not be an issue with those that don't have children, but it should for all those that do. These programs undermine those things that most all parents think it is important for their kids to learn in order to become caring & responcible individuals. 

There are a large number of programs that are sexually provocative and even explicit. They promote violance and promiscuity, the abuse of alcohol & drugs. They reflect, and romanticize, all those things that are at the root of serious problems in our society... And cable companies (especially Comcast) act as though they are on a campaign to saturate the lives of our children with this vile programming from the time they are born.

The facts are that many, if not most, of these programs would cease to exist if they depended on consumer choice alone. Why are they rescued & perpetuated by cable companies in their No Choice bundling practices? The reason is Profit, instead of social responsibility. They make money on advertising and deals made with those corporations who push alcohol, trashy "fashion", tatoos, make up, cigarettes,  KY Jelly, medicines for every conceivable mood & bodily function that kids should not have to know about, let alone be constantly assaulted with on TV.  Cable companies make money on all these things, and more, in the same way the US Post Office makes money on all the junk mail they stuff into your mail box. The difference is that cable companies can be told to respect the choices of their customers as to what programming they want, and which programs they don't want, being piped into their homes. We must insist our local, state & federal governments do their part to end this corrupt bundling practice by cable companies, and restore consumer choice to our homes, our communities and the market place.

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