Harsher sex offender penalties

My nieces and nephew were sexually assaulted by a 19 year old man. This man, John, had previously been convicted of sex offenses against children and went through "treatment". His mommy and daddy paid for a nice costly lawyer that got John a whole lot of sympathy from the judge. John pled guilty to molesting my 3 year old baby niece, my 5 year old nephew and 8 year old niece. He was offered the plea agreement that faced up to 15 years PER VICTIM. Again, he willingly pled guilty. The sentencing day came. Our family had endured so much, these children have been so affected...we trusted the system. After the lawyer explained how the defendant was abused as a child...the judge took pitty on this preditor (but no pitty on the small victims in this case). John was sentenced to 210 days in jail followed by 2 years probation. Yes you read that right. He did not get 210 weeks, months or years...that is 210 days, which is the equivalent of a slap on his wrist for destroying the lives of innocent children. We are outraged at the injustice that not just my family has endured. Families all over Utah will be forced to let this man (along with other offenders) walk amongst our children, with the knowledge that they can do whatever sick thing they want and get off the hook as long as their parents are willing to pay a lawyer. This needs too end. We are calling for harsher penalties. We want the victims to be taken into account. We want our children to bee safe here in Utah. Please speak out. Sign. Make a difference.
Update #12 years ago
Thank you so much to everyone that has supported this cause. If you are one of the people that agree the judge in this case needs to step down so that he can't let any more sex offenders walk free, then please sign our other petition as well. Again, thank you all so much again for the support.
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