Stop Mara Spade/Second Chance Rescue

  • by: Jaime Trainer
  • recipient: Joan Bragg, Magistrate, Berkeley County Courthouse, WV
This petition originated to draw attention to Mara Spade/Second Chance Animal Rescue and her intentional neglect and unethical practices within animal rescue. This petition is set forth to help portray the seriousness of this matter, not only to the public and the Berkeley County Courthouse officials, but also to the local authorities within the entire state of West Virginia and it's government officials.
Mara Spade, which owns and operates Second Chance Animal Rescue, located in Inwood, WV needs to be charged accordingly with one count of neglect and cruelty for each of the 149 dogs found and confiscated by Berkeley County Animal Control and also one count for each animal found deceased while under her care. Mara Spade should also be ordered not to own or participate in anything that may place an animal under her supervision or care for any length of time. Please sign this petition on behalf of the animals that have suffered at the hands of Mara Spade and Second Chance Animal Rescue.
This is a picture that was found on Mara's rescue site of "part" of the premises where the poor dogs were kept. Note the run down trailer in the back that was their "adequate home".
Second Chance "Rescue"

Please do NOT let her ruin it for other all-breed rescuers! We need all-breed rescuers also to help with the mixed breed dogs. They are a vital part of the rescue world!
Please view these sites for more graphic pictures of the shelter and premises where these POOR animals had to live...horrible!

I ask, if you will, to please sign with your name instead of anonymous. Your name will hopefully make this petition more personal and have a larger impact when it is being viewed by the courts and other political parties.
This petition is in regard to Mara Spade/Second Chance Rescue located in Inwood, WV and the unethical treatment and abusive manner  in which she/they operate.   Mara Spade, who owns and operates Second Chance Rescue, has been neglecting the dogs that she has taken into her possession in several ways. The courts are not charging her as they should for the neglect, which will leave her with the option of owning and still yet operating another rescue/kennel situation in the future. This has to be stopped.

A reputable rescue DOES NOT allow numerous dogs to occupy a fenced in lot without supervision at all times. A reputable rescue does not leave a refrigerator on its side in the winter months filled with water which has frozen to a solid block of ice for the animals drinking water, leaving them no water at all. A reputable rescue does not place dogs of this number into a situation where they must fight for food. This leads to the "strongest will survive" attitude while the weaker, older, or special needs animals suffer.

A dog was found on the premises that had died and was decomposed. This IS neglect and abuse of the severest kind. No matter what the animal died from, he should have been taken to a veterinarian for treatment and care OR to be humanely euthanized if he could not be saved with proper medical treatment.

This statement was found in the local paper regarding this specific case, which opened the doors for a search warrant:

In a June 29 visit to Spade's shelter, a Martinsburg-area veterinarian reported seeing "numerous dogs exhibiting lameness, poor skin/haircoats and open wounds" in pens throughout a facility that had inadequate ventilation, horrible sanitation, inadequate water and food.

Not only that, but according to the Animal Control Officer for Berkeley County there were at least 4-5 dogs with untreated wounds the size of her hand. Some of the other dogs were lame, had ear mites and were suffering from shaking their heads and also had lacerations. There was one bowl of food that 60-80 dogs were found fighting over inside of a dilapidated trailer which was considered, by Mara Spade, their shelter.

A dalmation was being attacked by two other dogs which was also witnessed by the Animal Control Officer. This is proof of the statement, "the strongest will survive" as is the situation regarding the litter of puppies lying over to the side on a dirty blanket unable to get to the food because of other dogs fighting leaving them helpless and in great fear. This is unethical and it is neglect for EACH animal that had to endure this situation. Not just one, leaving me to ask why only one count of animal cruelty, a misdemeanor at that, has been applied?

West Virginia has not only a misdemeanor statute for animal cruelty, but also a felony which came into affect in 2003. The authorities need to start implementing these statutes and taking them seriously or else this state will continue to have problems with animal abuse and neglect and other people like Mara Spade. I implore you to make this right and prosecute Mara Spade to the fullest extent of the law and not let her off with a slap on the wrist.

Mara Spade knows what she has done is wrong but continued to run her so called rescue under such deplorable conditions. Mara Spade may have stopped some dogs from being euthanized, but what about the dog that was found within the acreage that died and suffered tremendously by dying slowly without medical treatment? He could have and should have been humanely euthanized, instead by a qualifying euth tech, and would not have had to endure the suffering that he did by Mara Spade's unethical and neglectful hands.

Do not allow her to continue to house animals ever again. It is not only not in her best interest but it is definitely  in the best interest of the animals that will no longer have to suffer and try to survive for her to make a few dollars off of them.

We ask the state of West Virginia's judges, law enforcement agencies and attorneys to take this crime seriously and start utilizing the laws that are already in place regarding animal abuse. Without the authorities to uphold ANY law/statute, it is merely a suggestion to residents of this state, which continually leads to more tragic situations, such as with Second Chance Rescue.  It will be a continuous cycle if not enforced immediately.
We ask that she be charged with one count of neglect and cruelty for each of the 149 dogs taken and one count for each of the dogs found deceased while under her care. We also ask that Mara Spade will never be allowed to own another animal or participate in any event,of that,which animals are involved.
Dogs and other animals have endured more than their share of torment and abuse. They are living, breathing beings and should be treated as so.
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