Don't let them build the new Moscow dolphinarium,containing orca,belugas and dolphins from Japan!

     Today more and more people learn the truth about marine mammals captivity. In some countries dolphinariums are already forbidden by the law. Life of dolphins in captivity is very short and painful.
     However recently Russian billionaire God Semenovich Nisanov in his interview to the "Forbes" magazine declared the intention to construct a new largest European dolphinarium in the capital of Russia. Also it was told that one killer whale and some belugas were already caught for these purposes in the Far East of Russia. And, the most awful, the contract for delivery of 17 dolphins from Japan was signed. Everyone can see how hunt on dolphins in Japan goes on, it is shown in details in the documentary film "The Cove" (2009). Every year, from September to March, in small town Taiji in the south of Japan they drive pod of dolphins to shallow water, surround them with nets, choose the best for sale to a dolphinariums, and brutally kill the others in front of the survived relatives. And this slaughter will proceed until there is no demand for dolphins. As their life in captivity is really short, dolphinariums from all over the world actively buy dolphins in Japan. 
     I ask everyone who doesn't want the new large consumer of dolphins being built, to sign the letter directed to Mister Nisanov, asking him to revise his decision on new dolphinarium construction.

Dear God Semenovich!
In recent interview to the "Forbes" magazine you told about your plans on building a large dolphinarium in Moscow.Your readiness to carry out this kind of project revolted all ecologically educated people, caused active rejection among the Russian and foreign defenders of the nature. It is well-known that such animals as dolphins and whales, not only possess obviously expressed intelligence and the developed skills of social behavior, but also take a special place in preservation of natural balance of flora and fauna of the World Ocean.
Nowadays in all civilized world, in which Russia also takes place, the global and active work on closing and the ABSOLUTE PROHIBITION of dolphinariums and other types of "reservations" for these unique animals is conducted. Hundreds scientific works about that irreparable and pernicious harm for dolphins' physiology and mentality caused by captivity are written and published. The most part of these researches is in a free access, including Internet resources, and each person can easily examine a problem in all its details and full evidential base.
So, scientific researches showed that the intellectual and social level of development of these animals equates their contents in bondage to imprisonment of the innocent human. Life expectancy of these mammals in dolphinariums is tragically short. Besides, medical researches unambiguously proved an absolute inefficiency of a dolphin therapy (to which you refer, trying to prove the project) in case it is carried out not in the natural environment for mammals (not in sea water and in sharply limited space).
Some countries (Brazil, Armenia, Costa Rica, some states of the USA) legislatively forbade dolphinariums, as the places, not meeting vital needs of dolphins. Recently all dolphinariums were closed and in Great Britain under pressure of the public.
All this allows us to count on your understanding and readiness to refuse your anti-humane project.It's not late to set those belugas and a killer whale which are already caught for your project free, to their families - these animals never forget their families and miss them in separation. This fact also has a strict scientific confirmation.There is one more sad aspect of your project.
By getting dolphins in Japan, you pay, perhaps, for the most terrible modern slaughter on Earth. Annually in Japan thousands of dolphins die. In the south of the country, in Taiji, pods of dolphins are exhausted on shoal, surrounded with nets and caught. This process is extremely harmful for the dolphins, many of them die from shock or asphyxia, or by drowning in nets. Part of the pod is killed in the barbarous ways in front of their family members who have been selected for sale. Before getting to a dolphinarium, this animals see terrible death of their families, float in their blood. Millions of people around the world speak out against this unjustified cruelty. By getting dolphins in Japan, you form a new sales market of this "live good" that will even more increase murder scales. In the opinion of world community and all people fighting for preservation of the nature of Earth, Russia considerably will lose in image of the modern civilized country. Implementation of your anti-humane project will cross out all efforts on drawing attention to preservation of the nature and fauna which are undertaken in recent years by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.We sincerely hope that you didn't know about terrible reality by which "Dolphin business" is accompanied, and we believe that you will hear our voices and will refuse your project implementation.


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