Tell Lawmakers You Expect Health Care Reform Now

It's time the people we elected to squarely face the nation's problems do their jobs. They can't quit because the going got tough.

Tell Congress and the President you expect them to finish their work on health reform now. There's been enough compromise and deal-making already. And what did it buy? A stalemate.

We're actually closer than you might think. While news reports focus on the differences, most of the provisions in the legislation garner widespread support because they will eliminate the worst insurance traps.

Like making sure no one is ever is ever denied health coverage due to a pre-existing condition, discounting the cost of insurance for millions of working families, requiring insurance companies to spent 85 percent of your premium on your health care -- not their profits, and guaranteeing your choice of doctor.

Tell Congress and the President to do the jobs we sent them to Washington to do and pass real health care reform!
Dear [Decision Maker],

I elected you to address my real problems, even if its politically difficult. Well, health care is a problem, and you've been hard at work on the fix for more than a year. Now is not the time for more compromise. Now is the time to put the best of what you've seen into a final bill and pass it.

To me that means passing a bill that will:

* Control the worst insurance company abuses like exclusions for pre-existing conditions or unrestrained rate increases;
* Save real money by creating incentives for doctors and hospitals to improve the quality of care, avoid infections and errors, and do so more efficiently;
* Give me security that I will always have access to affordable coverage no matter what happens with my job;
* Allow me to keep the coverage I have if I like it, or pick a plan with benefits I understand in a really competitive national market.

[Your personal comments will be added here]

With the bills you have in front of you, you can craft a final bill that will do these things for me and for all Americans. So do it!
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