Censorship on sexually explicit photos on tumblr.

  • target: Tumblr

   Tumblr is suppose to be a blogging site, not porn site, however, it is currently including tons of porn photos, publicly floating around tumblr

   Majority of Tumblr user and readers are minors, which legally should not be viewing porn.

   Currently Tumblr only replies on posters to categorize posts as NSFW ( not safe for work) to block these post from searches. Which is very ineffective. Majority of users are seeing porn even without searching for porn

   Many other sites are implementing a flag icon to flag and censor any photo that is sexually explicit and inappropriate for minors. Adult who choose to see these photos can simply turn off the filter.  Tumblr should do the same to effectively censor these photos for minors or those who choose to avoid porn. 

Both minor and adults deserve to have a choice to avoid porn on sites that are not porn sites. 

We understand that Tumblr is a blogging space that allow people of different ages include minors to view these post and images. Currently you are relying on bloggers to list their posts as NSFW ( not safe for work) for sexually explicit photos, which is not effective. The truth is many users on tumblrs are seeing porn when they never intend to search for these images or follow any porn bloggers.

Tumblr is heavily based with minor readers and posters. We believe that Tumblr should provide a better blogging platform by implementing a flag icon for photo/posts to censor the images , so readers can effectively notify Tumblr when there is uncensored porn post floating around tumblr. It will also be beneficial for adult bloggers who never intend to search for porn to avoid these disturbing images.

We believe that blogging sites are not porn sites. Censoring porn on tumblr will not stop people from searching for porn, but it will give everyone a comfortable platform from blogging. It will also allow the minors to understand that porn is not just another image like cupcakes or trees. Additionally, legally porn should not be viewed by anyone who is 18 or  younger.

We thank you for your seriously consideration in this matter. We believe in good healthy blogging spaces that gives the readers an OPTION to view porn or not, regardless of ages.

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