Science Must Guide U.S. Policies on Nuclear Weapons and Global Warming

For nearly eight years, we have seen the Bush administration ignore science in pursuit of politically motivated policies.

Despite the growing call from respected U.S. scientists and leaders to pursue a world free of nuclear weapons, President Bush chose to pursue a new generation of nuclear bombs. And ignoring federal scientists' and analysts' advice to regulate and reduce global warming pollution, the Bush administration chose to side with Big Oil and corporate spin over scientific realities of global warming.

In essence, the current administration has ignored the two most pressing global security issues of our time: the growing threat of nuclear weapons and global warming.

This must change in January 2009. The solutions to the catastrophic dangers of nuclear weapons and unchecked climate change are within our grasp. But we must have a president who will use the best available science to guide key policy decisions.

Please sign our petition today, and urge President-Elect Barack Obama to pledge that crucial national, environmental, and energy security policies will be guided by the findings of the scientific community, not corporate or political interest groups.

Dear President-Elect Barack Obama,

As our next president, you will face an enormous challenge -- and opportunity -- on the two most pressing global security challenges of our time -- the grave and growing threat of nuclear weapons, and the catastrophic dangers of unchecked global warming pollution. The past eight years have been wasted at the federal level by an administration that systematically ignored, muzzled, or misrepresented the scientific analysis on these crucial issues.

Science-based analysis and the consensus of the scientific community must be the core foundation for policy-making, as it is this impartial survey that can help an administration set clear priorities in a sea of conflicting political messages.

The scientific community has spoken to the safety and reliability of our current nuclear arsenal, advocated for aggressive nuclear non-proliferation initiatives, and warned about costly and ineffective missile defense.

The Environmental Protection Agency's own scientists advised that states be granted the right to regulate global warming pollution from autos, and the administration's Energy Information Agency clearly concluded that new oil exploration would have negligible impact on gasoline prices. In both these cases, and countless more, political posturing has trumped impartial scientific conclusions.

The next president and Congress must do better, and it must start now. I urge you to speak out forcefully about the critical role that science can and should play, and to ensure that your administration makes policy decisions based on the very best scientific data and conclusions available.

It is essential that science be at the very core of our national efforts to find solutions to address our current national, energy, and environmental security challenges.

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