Tell TSA: More Effective, Less Invasive Technology

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  • target: U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Security measures at the airport are going too far in violating our personal rights.

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has introduced new security features in many airports, which involves either a full body xray scan, or a very thorough pat-down.

Now airline passengers are subject to backscatter machines, which produce detailed naked images, and emit potentially harmful radiation. If you choose to opt-out of this, you are led to an invasive pat-down, which includes a TSA agent touching your genitals.

There's a line, and government-sanctioned molestations and nude pictures of airline passengers definitely crosses it. There must be a better option.

Tell the TSA to only incorporate effective safety measures that won't jeopardize our health and our rights.
Dear Committee Leaders,

The newly-implemented backscatter X-ray machines in airports violates passengers' basic rights. These machines allow a virtual strip-search of passengers without probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

In addition to privacy violations, these machines also pose a health hazard with the radiation to which the passengers are exposed. This radiation can add to the risk of cancer, cataracts, and other illnesses.

For passengers wishing to opt-out of these machines, TSA agents are requiring thorough, invasive pat-downs, which is a violation of personal rights and can feel like sexual assault.

These backscatter machines have not been proven to be effective in stopping terrorists, and there has been no reasonable justification for the invasive procedures now required for airline passengers.

We, the undersigned, ask that you remove these invasive and dangerous machines from airports, and ensure airline passengers maintain their legal rights and health.
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