Demand President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump address and protest the Yulin, China Dog Meat eating Festival

This petition will be sent in early June to President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

On June 20th, 2016 to celebrate the summer solstice Yulin, China will have their annual 10 day festival where an estimated 20,000 cats and dogs will be slaughtered to feed their morally deprived visitors.

The silence from our country's leaders is deafening because they are too afraid to offend President Xi Jinping’s and other corrupt Chinese leader's feelings.

The vast majority of China's citizens finds the eating of dogs and cats to be morally wrong, but President Xi Jinping looks the other way as long as the money from this festival lines his and other country leaders pockets.

 We will demand that the President address and protest the Yulin Festival and to have the 2016 Presidential nominees publicly address their views and solutions for ending China's barbaric festival.

Our goal is 100,000 signatures in 30 days #EndYulin100in30

Much more information about this festival can be found on our site and

Dear President Obama, Hillary R. Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump

On June 20th, 2016 Yulin, China will start their festival to celebrate the summer solstice.

This annual festival will slaughter up to 20,000 innocent Dogs and Cats for food.

Yulin defends itself by hiding behind "Tradition" as an excuse, but in truth the festival had it's start less than a decade ago and was created for one purpose only and that purpose was to enrich the local economy and China's leaders.

These 20,000 innocent animals, a majority of whom were pets that were stolen from loving families, are crated for days on end, tramatized as they hear, see and smell the other unfortunate animals before them as they are being butchered.

Most, if not all these innocent creatures will be boiled alive in order to, according to the people attending "Retain their freshness".

We demand that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump add the weight of their voices to billions of people in China and worldwide to put an end to this barbaric gathering.

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