• by: Yvette Iskander
  • recipient: The president of the United States, The Congress, Human Rights Cooerporations in the United Nation and in the United States

I am an American Foreign born citizen, Coptic Christian from Egypt, Middle East. I came to the US looking for Human Right and Equal Opportunity that are granted in the US. I have been severely discriminated because of my origin, race, age, gender, and 15% back disability, while I was working in the Navy as a GS11 staff pharmacist at Camp Lejeune North Carolina, violating all the Rules of Equal Opportunity and Human Right for GS in the Navy.
I have total of 67 Allegations against the Navy; Examples of discrimination the Plaintiff had suffered: Decrease the Plaintiff annual Salary more than $25,000 per year comparing to the American born Pharmacists. Having the Plaintiff work the highest late shifts, that no American born pharmacists wanted to work, without equally distributing the late shifts between all the pharmacists regardless their Race or Nationality, where the Plaintiff complaints about working the highest late shifts several times without any correction. Creating hostile work environment with 4 new technicians and few colleagues writing 51 hostile letters against the Plaintiff within few weeks after the Plaintiff had filed the EEO case. Both False Federal documents and “LYING UNDER OATH” with false accusations against the Plaintiff that Never happened and can be proven easily by legal Federal documents. False witnesses against the Plaintiff for incidences that NEVER happened that can be proved clearly by the video surveillance cameras that considered “strong DNA” evidences for the false accusations against the Plaintiff. Writing several investigation reports against the Plaintiff “BEFORE” the investigations started. Having the Proposal of Removal written already “BEFORE” the Navy started its investigation, where the Navy’s investigation was in the Plaintiff’s favor and provided the Plaintiff attorney with the video surveillance camera that prove the false accusation against the Plaintiff, even though the Navy approved the Proposal of Removal against the GS11 Plaintiff ignoring the Navy investigation violating all the Navy GS rules. [67 documented Allegations]
MISCONDUCT JUSTICE: The Federal Justice Systems ignored totally the Navy investigation and the provided video surveillance camera in the Plaintiff’s favor. Also ignored the Defendants attorneys refusal to provide the Plaintiff requested discovery .
(1) EEO Investigation: The EEO investigator with the cooperation of the Navy attorney were biased in support of the Navy, refused to investigate the false proclaimed incidents against the Plaintiff and providing the video surveillance cameras to prove the validity of the false incidents. The EEO investigator “NOT ONLY” cleaned the final EEO report with a “TWIZER” from any positive response in the Plaintiff’s favor and Only magnified and amplified well framed any negative response against the Plaintiff, “BUT ALSO” “REVERSED” witnesses’ responses “UNDER OATH” in the Navy’s favor.
(2) The Administrative EEO Judge in 2012 requested the Plaintiff attorney to drop the EEO case against the Navy, warning the Plaintiff attorney if he forced the EEO Judge to have a hearing, the EEO Judge would rule against the Plaintiff. NOTE: The EEO case should not exceed 180 days, i.e. 6 months, NOT ~3 years without a hearing, and finally the Plaintiff was forced by the EEO Judge to drop the EEO case after waiting ~ 3 years without a hearing.
(3) The Navy Defendants attorneys; total of 6 attorneys from the EEO, one attorney from the Federal court, and the Solicitor General from the Supreme Court refused to provide the Plaintiff attorney with the discovery since 2009 till present [2016], including the video surveillance cameras that would clear all the false accusations and considered important DNA evidences without biased in the case [because there were no incidents to be caught in the surveillance camera, but it were preplanned by my supervisors and the hostile techs against the Plaintiff], and refused to provide federal documents that would prove the false accusations the Navy had against the Plaintiff both in formal Federal documents and “LYING UNDER OATH” in the investigations. The Defendants Navy attorneys depends ONLY on “He Said/She Said” from the same hostile colleagues without ONE SINGLE valid evidence against the Plaintiff, even though the Plaintiff attorney provided the Defendant attorneys both the EEO and Federal attorneys with the discovery the Defendants requested. The same for the requested Plaintiff discovery Federal documents would prove the validity of the Plaintiff 67 allegations against the Defendants.

(4) Merit System Protection Board (MSPB): The administrative MSPB Judge strongly recommended the Plaintiff to drop the case against the Defendants Federal Navy because the Defendant Navy didn’t want to have the Plaintiff back. The MSPB Judge refused to accept any valid evidence in the MSPB hearing mainly the video surveillance camera because the MSPB Judge didn’t have time to watch the video [ 3.5 minutes video] but the MSPB Judge wanted ONLY to hear the Defendants Navy witnesses, based only on He said/She said from the Navy witnesses. The MSPB Judge refused to have any witnesses in the Plaintiff favor as the Judge had all the witnesses ONLY from the Defendants witnesses.

(5) The Federal and the Appeal Federal, where the Federal Court back up the Defendants Navy unconditionally, knowing that the Navy Defendants attorneys refused to provide the Plaintiff with the discovery that would clear all the false accusations against the Plaintiff.
(6) The Plaintiff filed to the Supreme Court without ever having a hearing.
For the Record: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York convicted Celebrity Style Martha Stewart for “Lying Under Oath” with the penalty of Perjury to investigators, and making “False Statements in Federal Documents”. In 2004, Steward was convicted and served five months in prison and near six months of house arrest, the same misconduct as the Federal Naval employees had done; both active duties and civilians, were lying under oath both in the EEO investigation and in the MSPB Hearing, besides making false statements in formal federal documents. While both the Navy Defendants attorneys and the Federal Justice Systems “Protected” the Defendants’ employees’ perjury and false statements in Federal formal documents. That is Unfair Justice; “No one is above the law regardless of his position or rank”.

Reasons for Granting the Petition
(A) To prove “Justice Integrity” in the Federal Justice System of the U.S. of America mainly to clear and clean corruption in the Federal System, Not to cover and decorate Federal corruption regardless the Defendants position; lay person or the Navy Federal Government with high power, authority, ranks and numbers. Also, (B) For the suffering Federal employees will have hope, confidence, and trust in the Federal Justice Systems for “Justice that is function”, and does not depend on the Navy Defendants power and authority of high ranks. (C) Will help clean corruptions in the Federal government, “no one is above the law” for any employee who depends upon his position or rank.

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