Paola High School District 368 concerning bullying hindering academic progress against faculty and staff in regards in the way they treat our children

    Let me first say hello to my fellow parents out there. I have started this petition because there is so much that goes unnoticed between faculty and staff of schools regarding our children. One in particular is Paola High School District 368 where my son has attended and currently still attending the alternative school. My son and particular and I will not mention his name has been bullied and that's my turn that I feel very appropriate to say regarding a couple of individuals meaning staff there. I believe our goal as parents is to help our children succeed in the best way possible and I know that we can't do that sometimes without the support of others and people speaking out about any thing that has happened to your child or the way they've been treated.. akademiks is everything to us to help our children succeed to their futures and sometimes that is hindered by the acts of others because of how they talk to our children and how they treat them. I know that every situation is different I know that some of us parents have kids with either special needs or IEPs 504 plans however that does not mean that for one minute any child should be treated differently. I have heard stories through numerous parents and children about the way they have been treated or handled regarding situations or if they're struggling in school and how they feel that things have been handled poorly and they've been treated like their child isn't good enough. I know from experience from meetings with the school and School Board that because my child struggles with School that maybe it's best if he thinks about dropping out.. they use their power to undermine our children so much that for so many of them it has scared them so much and they are afraid to even speak up and defend themselves. Personally I know that I have pleaded with the school for understanding and that my child works very differently and that he tries his best because I know he does. It's not just about defending our children just because we're parents and I want them to know that defending our children is something that's very easy to do. They also in my opinion even undermine the parents so to speak personally for me I know that because we have not seen eye-to-eye that they have treated me but they're very much lack of respect it's hard to leave my pride at the door after a meeting. Overall I think we all want what is best for our children to be able to succeed into the future so that they may follow their dreams and the goals that they have set in place for them and it's us the parents to sometimes be their voice and to advocate for them and to help them and to let them know that we will never give up on them. My son has been seriously treated poorly with a lack of respect and they have made him feel like he is not good enough to even be in school they have made him feel like he is not smart enough to be a part of a team. He has been in trouble for things at times he hasn't even done. The one major topic is bullying and what has been done about this measure to ensure that there are children have a chance at success. Nana Trey child is going to speak up and speak their mind to us they will but not to the school because they have been afraid to be able to share their opinion or how they feel. We have talked about bullying and bullying is becoming a major epidemic between students faculty and staff including principals Vice principals. If we allow this to continue between the staff versus our children not only are we letting the staff when innocence it's almost as if we're giving up on our children I know not everyone is perfect I don't care whether there are trouble maker kids or not because there's no such thing as perfection and people act out for many different reasons but you know your child better than anyone and I know you love them enough to know to take the time to read this and really ask yourself some questions has your child ever came home and said that teachers have said things about them or embarrass them in class or the principal or vice principals of the school degrading them to a point that they become severely depressed to the point where they don't even care anymore or want to continue because they would rather be free of them then to be put down what Italian what a failure that they are. There is so much that can be done to the schools for more proper training because there is not enough time in the year to get to know each individual student therefore there should be a certain protocol and guideline to follow to ensure the safety and the success of our children and their future. There have been more dropouts and people quitting school and those numbers keep climbing and are getting ridiculous but please think to yourself please ask yourself on some of these occasions is there a possibility this could have been prevented. When someone is told they will not graduate until they're 20 something years old or even 30 is really not given them a lot of confidence. In fact yesterday an unscheduled meeting against what I had asked, Mr Hines in specific was only worried about whether I had a doctor's note for my child wanted to know why he could not attend school and although congratulating him on his birthday he also noted his own birthday. Not only was he rude and cocky and arrogant everything I had asked they did against my will once again and I made myself very clear and I still was under minded because they seem to think they can do whatever it is they want to do. My child was involved in a very horrific accident this past year and we have been in and out of the hospital and I have a note corresponding all the dates up until this very point. They're so busy with relation to threaten me with truancy the lack of sympathy was absolutely stunning. I made them very wear and clear that my son was suffering from the effects of the accident as well as anxiety and things of that nature. As I said to them all my son's Health overall is most important to me and his well-being and although education is in the Forefront of that my son needs to be well enough mentally physically and emotionally and he is not however yet their response is that on January 8th they would just hate to show them my son's progress which is apparently not very well according to them. However this is not the point. From one parent to another I have heard many stories and I am asking you to please open up your hearts and if you wouldn't mind sharing yours with me and also the Forefront of this is our children's progress their future their academics and also Mental Health is a huge top it right now and the way our children is being spoken to has been so horrific and it needs to be stopped and voices need to be heard and they need to be stopped from pushing our children backwards and making them feel like they are not worthy enough or smart enough to even be apart of their team. This is about so many things in combination but first and foremost bullying if anyone has anything to share about the high school in particular or mr. Hines in particular when parents and children have had to interact with him and what your outcome was or the way that your children has been treated the only way to stop this the only way for some of our children to succeed is to let them know that we love them enough to fight for them and fight for what's right for them and sometimes that's being their voice. Signing the petition will mean your voices will be heard that doesn't mean you have to share your story that means that maybe if we're lucky enough and we get enough people out there to sign it I've had experiences similar to ours then maybe the Board of Education in the superintendent of schools will have no other choice but to do something about it. I'm also speaking to parents for their children who suffer from mental illness me personally I have bipolar and sometimes the way people talk to me could really make her change the way that I respond. One thing is for sure although I personally suffer from mental illness I am in no way stupid or ashamed of who I am or where I came from I have taught my child to always fight for what he believed in so wouldn't be right or fitting if I didn't show him that if you fight you may not always win but even that and itself to me is not only a start but it is success. My son would have graduated by now if they would have listened to the parents concerning their children. If anyone knows their children's best it is all of you I ask that you sign this petition and that you put your name on it proudly and stand up for eyes of yourself or your child who has been affected by the school district and the way that they have talked and demeaned some of our children I've noticed that so many of them receive preferential treatment as opposed to others with limited means we don't necessarily get that and it should be equal across the board. This is not about a win or lose this is about our kids this is about the treatment that are kids received and how Maybe so many outcomes of so many kids could have been different had it not been for the total disrespect shown from particular staff members. This needs to be stopped immediately I truly believe signing this petition could actually change so many things and possibly the outcome of our children at this point in time. If your child is feared to go to school or mix up excuses on why not to go to school or even says or wants to inspire to be someone someday it's sad when those dreams get shattered because of others and their wrong doings no one should have to suffer this way. Please help and support please put your name there or even share an experience but even just by putting your name can mean the difference in a child's future and that is worth saving a million times over. Please do not allow them to do this anymore. I personally call for mr. Hines resignation. The school the people our children don't deserve to have someone like him running things and hurting our children on a mental aspect or an emotional aspect. His passion should be for the students not a lack thereof. Him and I do not see eye-to-eye as so many parents may not however I will make this clear this is not simply out to get mr. Hines it is however something a voice a signature that will show the school that my child has not been the only one affected. I believe appropriate actions should be taken against this matter this is my freedom of speech and I am allowed to do so I have courage I am not afraid but you will not hurt my kid anymore to the point where he is mentally exhausted because of your wording and the way you talk to him. Please help support and the safety of our children thank you. Remember wording is everything and how you say things to a child can either make or break them and I believe those are words that should be live by. Please Note 8 I'm not nor is this an attempt to attack him it is however an attempt to open up the eyes of the school board and take people more seriously when they talk to you or come in and speak with you sometimes your defense is sometimes very hurtful by Nature when you defend someone who's had numerous complaints on him recording the behavior that he has displayed amongst some of our children. This is something that the school does not need. You want to leave an everlasting impression not the impression that they will talk about the rest of their lives about you and how you change their lives not in a positive manner. That's almost like giving up on children there's a difference between pushing them forward to succeed and I lack thereof you're merely there for a paycheck and I believe you lost your passion for your work. They need someone to look up to not to be scared of.
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