Tell Congress to Label Genetically Engineered Food

The overwhelming majority of Americans want to know if food is genetically engineered. Some 64 countries - including China, Australia and the entire European Union - already require GE foods be labeled.

You have a fundamental right to know what's in your food, and the FDA already requires 3,000 ingredients, processes and additives be labeled.

So why is industry fighting so hard to keep 'genetically engineered' off the label? Are they worried you might actually know what you’re buying, and choose food whose genetic codes haven't been tampered with?

Congress can ensure you get the information you want. A bill that would require labeling has been introduced, and debate is happening right now on the Farm Bill that could affect your right to know.

Stop Monsanto and other industry giants from keeping you in the dark! Tell your members of Congress you have the right to know what you’re buying!
Dear [Member of Congress],

As an American, I have the right to know what I am eating. That includes whether my food has been genetically engineered or modified -- and the label should tell me that. I urge you to do all you can to support passage of the bipartisan Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act (S 809, HR 1699), a bill that will ensure I can make an informed choice when buying food.

Genetically engineered plant foods are not required to undergo safety testing in the United States, so their impact on humans and the environment is unknown. Yet GE corn, canola and soy products are already on the market. And the FDA may soon approve genetically engineered salmon for sale.

Studies have shown that GE foods can contain unexpected food allergens and increased levels of natural toxins. Because of these and other concerns, 64 other countries label GE foods, including Europe, Japan, Australia -- even China. Some U.S. states also are working to pass labeling laws.

Requiring GE labels on food will not prohibitively increase costs for manufacturers or consumers. Yet the biotech and grocery manufacturer industries don't want me to know if my food is genetically engineered -- taking away my choice. That's not right.

[Your comments here]

I urge you to do all you can to support passage of S 809, HR 1699 to label foods that have been genetically engineered -- including fish and animals. The longer you wait to act, the more difficult it will be for me to get the information I need to make an informed choice.

[Your name here]
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