Boycott American Airlines until Jack is found and returned home!!!

Before you sign this, please sign on to help find Jack! He needs your help, no matter where in the world you are. Please tell your friends, family, anyone you can. If you are in the New York area, we need boots on the ground! Anyplace else, we need help spreading the word and enlisting volunteers in the search. Please go to this link for more information: After visiting that link sign this petition, then please help us find Jack! Thank you. 
Help find Jack!!! Boycott American Airlines, American Eagle, all subsidiaries of AMR Corporation! Send a strong message to American Airlines and their parent company, AMR Corporation, that the time has come to call upon all the resources at their disposal and find Jack instead of wasting time!

On August 25, 2011 at John F Kennedy Airport in New York, NY, USA a cat named Jack was lost. Jack's guardian, Karen Pascoe, was to fly from New York to California on flight 177 with Jack and Jack's adopted feline brother, Barry. Live animals not transported in the passenger area of an airplane are sent to the baggage area to be processed and placed aboard waiting aircraft. While in the baggage area of JFK International Airport, Jack escaped. Karen's heart was broken as were the hearts of millions animal lovers, defenders of animals, activists, and others who just have a heart. Though this problem is common among almost all major airlines, it happened here, now, to Jack.

Anyone following Jack's story so far is probably aware that American Airlines and the Port Authority have made a few face efforts and contacts to locate Jack. Placing posters and keeping eyes open we can all agree is a start, but is far from deploying organized animal action teams to pound the ground. A thorough search of the area with “boots on the ground” in the form of search and rescue animal action teams would be the correct strategy to locate Jack at this time.

We are a unique species on this planet, incorporating companion animals into our families and everyday lives. When one of those family members is lost, we grieve, we ache, we long to have them with us again. This is the situation with Karen for Jack. Anyone who now has or has ever had a dog or cat knows this, and can empathize with Karen, a paying customer who entrusted the airline on which she was flying with the care of her beloved friends and family members.

This is a very important issue as companion animals each day travel with their guardians on airlines worldwide. This is a statement to ALL airlines, ALL airports, and especially to American Airlines, AMR Corporate Offices, and the Port Authority of New York, that Jack is not just some animal. He is not a suitcase. He is a companion; a living creature, and a member of a family!

It's time to take action! Send the message that you will not sit idly by while someone's furry family member is lost alone and only minimal effort is made to find him and reunite him with his family. Tell American Airlines and the Port Authority of New York that their handling of Jack's disappearance is unacceptable. Join the millions of people worldwide already fed up with the heartless multinational corporate airline's response to the missing Jack, and tell them you will BOYCOTT traveling with American Airlines or any subsidiary of AMR Corporation (includes American Eagle) until Jack is safely returned to his family. Tell them to provide support and take a proactive role, instead of passive, in the search for Jack. Tell them to carry out or at least assist in an all-out search for Jack by animal action teams on the ground! Tell them all the time has come for change to policies and operating procedures so no companion animal will ever have to suffer being lost as Jack is suffering at this moment! Tell them you will not be silent! Tell them we, who sign these documents, stand united with one voice for this cause!!! We stand united for Jack!

We will not rest until Jack is found, and neither should American Airlines. Sign this if you love animals, or if you have or you've ever had a companion like Jack who you love(d). Sign this to help bring Jack home!
We the undersigned in one united voice affirm and agree to the following:


We the undersigned in unity now declare to AMR Corporation and its subsidiary corporations, including American Airlines and American Eagle, that effective immediately commit to a boycott of all goods and services of the same. This boycott of all goods and services commences individually with each signing, and collectively at the execution of this document. The boycott shall end immediately and American Airlines, AMR Corporation and its subsidiaries shall be reconciled upon the location and safe return, confirmed, of the feline companion animal named "Jack," to his guardian, Karen Pascoe. Jack was lost by American Airlines at JFK Airport, New York, NY on or about August 25, 2011, as reported by Pascoe, in the media, and as acknowledged by American Airlines.

Lack of Action - Call for Action

We, the undersigned stand united in a cause. It is in our individual and collective opinion:

1) American Airlines, through acts and/or lack of acts, lost a companion animal named "Jack" at John F Kennedy International Airport in New York City, NY, USA, on August 25, 2011 around 7:00pm reported EST, prior to being loaded onto flight 177.

2) American Airlines was unreasonably delayed in its response to pleas for help from Jack's guardian, Karen Pascoe, since American Airlines took no action and made no attempt to contact Pascoe for more than 60 hours after Jack went missing, and since that time, has demonstrated negligible interest in finding Jack.

3) AMR, American Airlines, and all subsidiaries are NOT utilizing full potential of all resources available at their disposal to aid in the search for Jack.

4) American Airlines has not demonstrated that it is willing to fulfill its moral duties and obligations to the business community, the public, or its paying customers in that it has failed to protect its [paying] passengers and all living things entrusted to its care in allowing companion animals to be left unattended in transit, and having policy allowing the same and/or no such policy preventing the same. In light of the events on and since the 25th day of August 2011 involving Jack, the missing cat, American Airlines does not deserve the trust of the public or its paying customers, and that through boycott and public accountability, AMR, American Airlines, and American Eagle may be so persuaded through such same sanctions to alter the course of their actions, realize their moral obligations, and actively step in to search, support, and recover the missing Jack, so he may be returned to his family.

American Airlines should fulfill it moral obligations

We the undersigned say in one unified voice to American Airlines, AMR Corporation, parent of American Airlines, and all subsidiary corporations that the same must publicly fulfill its moral obligations and responsibility to the public, its paying customers, the community, and the business community, and most of all (and certainly not least) to Jack, Karen Pascoe, and to Barry, Jack's adopted feline brother by:

1) Admit wrongdoing and issue a sincere apology not only to Karen Pascoe, but to the public at large for actions/lack of actions leading to the loss of Jack from JFK Airport, because all companion animals of any customer would be treated in the same manner, most likely with similar stalled actions.

2) Immediately appoint a communications officer to act as liaison and coordinator for American Airline's role in an ACTIVE search. Such officer will communicate with other coordinators on the ground, employed, volunteer, or contracted, who will lead or assist in coordinating and/or carrying out the search for Jack.

3) American Airlines, AMR Corporation, and all subsidiaries will immediately make use of all resources on hand, possibly including but not limited to asking labor unions for assistance; asking employees, associates, other government entities, the Port Authority of New York, Animal Rescue Teams and Activist Action Teams, and contractors to volunteer or contract in the search for Jack.

4) Making available funds for use in deployment of logistical and technological resources strictly for the purpose in aiding in the search, recovery, and safe return of Jack; Willingly and publicly cooperate and take an active rather than passive role in the search for Jack, if it is determined such funds are needed for the sole purpose of finding, recovering, and returning Jack to his home.

5) And of course, find Jack, the cat that is missing as a result of actions/lack of actions of American Airlines. American Airlines, AMR Corporations and its subsidiaries are invited and strongly encouraged to carry out their own intensive ACTIVE, publicly visible high-profile search, recovery, and return of Jack.

Cooperation from the New York Port Authority

We the undersigned with one voice in this cause now ask that the Port Authority of New York and any government agencies in the New York City area near the JFK International Airport please assist, cooperate, and commit any available resources in the search for Jack, making available a liaison officer if possible, and devoting resources and volunteers to this cause in search of Jack; and to assist in accommodating search teams and their efforts, helping coordinate operations on property of Port Authority of New York, the City of New York, and/or any private or public properties necessary.

We each and all individually and united give a voice to Jack who cannot speak for himself. The goal and will of the undersigned is to find Jack and have him quickly and safely reunited with his Guardian, Karen Pascoe to return home.
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