Federal Government: Back Off States' Marijuana Laws

64% of Americans think the federal government should back off of states where marijuana is legal. Right now, the federal government imposes massive marijuana raids on law abiding citizens--tearing apart weed dispensaries that are completely legal across nearly 20 states.

Washington recently became the first state to legalize marijuana. Colorado is next, and many other states legally allow medical cannabis. The citizens of these states have expressed their wishes. The federal government needs to back off and stop arresting growers and shutting down dispensaries in states where marijuana, medical or otherwise, is legal.

In the recent poll, even 43% of the Americans who oppose marijuana agreed that state and federal government should "work it out" instead of continuing to crack down on dispensaries and throwing the legitimate industry into chaos.

President Obama: leave legal marijuana dispensaries alone!
Dear President Obama,

Stop closing in on marijuana dispensaries that are NOT violating state laws. Attacking the industry through unjust legal ambiguity is tricky and unethical.

The majority of Americans support state's rights--specifically the right to follow a state marijuana law without fearing heavy punishment from the federal government.

This issue is long overdue for resolution. With Washington becoming the first state to legalize marijuana, Colorado next in line, and a variety of states already allowing medical marijuana--the issue is as pressing and relevant as ever.

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Americans' jobs, money, and criminal records are on the line, and all for a nonviolent act that is legal. Stop contradicting state medical marijuana laws, wasting both time and resources to catch cannabis growers that should never be prosecuted for following the law.

End your blatant disregard for state marijuana laws by halting government raids in states where marijuana is legal.

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