Save Dingerville & the character of the College World Series!!

The City of Omaha is getting greedy.

The City of Omaha is not only biting the hand that feeds it, it's taking our jewelry and leaving us all with a wet finger. And that sucks.

The City of Omaha is revoking the right for RVs/campers to PAY for space around Rosenblatt Stadium (aka Dingerville), during the College World Series ---> To make room for ... YOU GUESSED IT... MORE CORPORATE VENDORS!!!

Please sign our petition, and read more below to find out how you can help SAVE DINGERVILLE, and the integrity of the CWS......

And since we know the City is probably too arrogant to admit their mistake, let's at least make enough noise to compel a local landowner (within walking distance of the stadium), to open their arms to our community, and help establish a NEW DINGERVILLE! (hint hint - you could make a pretty large pile of money, if you did it right -- without gouging of course).


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Feel free to also respectively voice your concern to the CWS Group via the contact info below:

If Dingerville dies, so does the soul of the CWS, and ultimately the entire body of work will follow.

We know it. It's blatantly obvious. Anyone with half a head can recognize it. But can the City of Omaha acknowledge and correct this mistake before it's too late? Probably not..... that's where we come in, and need your help reminding them to remove said 'small-head' from 'big-orifice'.

Guys, don't let this happen. Don't allow for commercialism to run berserk and consume one of the last remaining sacred, and mostly untainted, old-fashioned summer traditions.

The community that surrounds the CWS during that 1 beautiful week in the middle of the heartland, has become the seams in the old vintage leather baseball, which is the College World Series. Also known to CWS historians as "Dingerville", this is clearly one of the main reasons the event has become such a popular target for tourists across the country. And if the City of Omaha (hereinafter COO) can't recognize the incredible benefit this culture creates for the CWS, not to mention the opportunity to CAPITALIZE on a captivated TARGET AUDIENCE..... well, Warren Buffett would be embarrassed to call these brain-children fellow Nebraskans, let alone business-men.

The RV area adds a much needed sense of "community" & character to the CWS, which worked so well for so many years... but as many predicted, just like Milton in Office Space, our Community has eventually been wiped completely off the face of the CWS map, like a ketchup smudge during a tailgate......

......instead of leaving a great tradition be, and continue to vitalize the CWS with energy, the COO has decided the perfect remedy to fixing (monetizing) something , that didn't need fixing ----> is to add MORE VENDOR TENTS with corporations selling the same crap the tents on the OTHER side of the stadium sell!! Sweet. i.e. Nike, Pepsi, Flingers....

..all of which have absolutely ZERO interest in the overall well-being of the event or community - only how deep they can stuff their pockets with Omaha's money, and make a break for the door. Doubtful they even know what event they're at..... but the COO will tell us it "gives people more to do", and "bolsters the budget of the CWS via more sponsors" & "compels the RV'rs to use local hotels & restaurants" . Utter BS.

Anyone that knows the type of people that make up the eclectic RV sub-culture, would never elect to "bed up" in some janky hotel, and  resort to "shuttle busing" to the games. They simply won't go, and will find other worthy events to attend & spend their money at, which are more appreciative of their presence.

And guess who makes up the majority of the fans in the seats during those weekday afternoon games, when The Series needs all the bodies in seats they can get? -- of course, RV'rs.  But not for long. 

We're not even suggesting an "integration" of sorts wouldn't work, if done properly. Think of the opportunities. But to simply eliminate the entire community without hesitation, is plain stupid, and a collective slap in the face of a CWS lineage that runs much deeper than corporate pockets ever could.

Anyone that has spent any time in Dingerville would agree that this movement will only hurt our beloved CWS -- and the bureaucrats making this unilateral decision -- clearly have not.

So if you enjoy the College World Series exactly how it is, and THE CITY IT'S CURRENTLY IN -- don't accept this senseless decision -- and if nothing else, do it for the sake of the kids who have yet to enjoy an Old Ballgame, at Omaha's College World Series.

Save Dingerville!!


After Signing the Petition, please also:

Feel free to also respectively voice your concern to the CWS Group via the contact info below:

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