National Geographic please remove Melissa Bachman from the cast of your upcoming show!

Update :

We did it folks the animal murder queen was booted from the national Geographic show! after thousands of petitions and e-mails Nat Geo caved and booted her. Bachman is now the hunted activists around the world have been giving the smiling killer queen a run for her money , she even shut down her Facebook page in the process. We are extremely pleased!

Below a message received from National geographic by Suzanne Lemire a fellow activist :

I had written a complaint to the National Geographic people, about their new show they’re promoting with that Bachman woman, and I posted their reaction on your picture you posted of her with death all around her and a huge smile on her face…anyhow, guess what??? I just got this from them:

“The National Geographic Channel has carefully considered the public discussion of our series on surviving the wilds of Alaska currently in production and premiering sometime next year.

Upon further reflection we plan to eliminate one of the survivalists from the ensemble cast, Melissa Bachman.

Hunting is not the focus of the show, and we regret the misinformation that has clouded what we hope will be an exciting adventure series set in the incredible Alaskan landscape.”

Earlier today “animal murder queen” Melissa Bachman had posted on her Facebook page that she was going to have her own show on news sparked an outrage amongst animal activists around the globe and several petitions including my first. We come to find out that Bachman exaggerated her role in the upcoming show when an inquiry was made with Net Geo. Here was their response –

Net Geo's response:
If you're inquiring about the rumors that we are having Melissa Bachman host a show on our channel, those rumors are false. Melissa Bachman is one outdoorsmen in a larger ensemble cast chosen to navigate the Alaskan terrain for an upcoming National Geographic Channel series. The series – which has just begun production and will likely air sometime next year – is not a platform for any of the featured players and is certainly in no way an endorsement of their activities outside of the show. Rather it is a test of survival and expedition skills passed down through generations as the teams explore the incredible Alaskan landscapes. Any interaction with wildlife during the course of the show will obviously respect any and all of the state’s wildlife procedures and laws, as is standard and expected practice at National Geographic Channel. 


We still believe that action must be taken because we believe that people such as Melissa Bachman should not be given any exposure on a network that has a tradition to side with nature preservation

So at this point we a
ltered the petition to request the removal of Bachman on the show instead of removing the show! 

For those who do not know Melissa Bachman is, she is the host of several shows featuring the hunting and killing of animals for fun. The 27 year old brags that she has been hunting and killing animals since childhood, for some 22 odd years, and despite her often expressed “love for nature and the outdoors” seems to fail to extend that “love” to her animal victims. She asserts her online media presence with “kill shots” where she poses with the carcases of her plentiful kills. Sporting her signature pink hunting gear she has become the pinup girl of the hunting community. Her message is disturbing- killing is fun and sexy! Is this the image National Geographic wants to propagate?

 As network dedicated to culture and the broadening of horizons National Geographic traditionally holds great influence in society.

Please tell them you find M
elissa Bachman to be an intolerable candidate for any of their shows or venues and that you would like to have Melissa Bachman removed from the cast of their up-coming show! 

Dear National Geographic,

Your magazine and network poses a great influence in the national and international community.  As network dedicated to culture and the broadening of horizons you hold great power over impressionable minds and society as a whole. Your voice is respected and the views you present are herd and influence society’s perception of acceptable behaviour and culture guidelines.

With great sorrow we have received the information that you are planning a series including Melissa Bachman. And we would like to ask you: is a show with a woman who depicts killing as fun and propagates this sport as healthy activity for children a message National Geographic stands for? If yes please be aware that you will be losing our support as viewers. We understand that Bachman holds a certain appeal to her target group, but we cannot understand why your network would want to allow such a person any exposure on your network! By allowing her to participate you are sending a message that her behaviour is condonable and acceptable!  This woman cases considerable suffering to her prey and openly shows great pleasure in it. Her skills as a hunter are questionable, considering that by her own admission she often has to track wounded animals shot by her for miles, this poses an incredible cruel and painful ordeal for her victims.

As concerned members of the global community we would like to ask you to reconsider your decision, to tape and air a show including Melissa Bachman we find this unacceptable and unworthy of your great network.  Please Remove her from your cast!


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