Stop the War on Wolves Act!

Congress should not cherry-pick which species are removed from the Endangered Species Act – these decisions should be left to sound science, not politics. However, several members have introduced legislation that would revoke Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

H.R. 424 and S. 164 would set the stage for trophy hunters and commercial trappers to kill these animals in a cruel and inhumane head-hunting exercise, and would undercut efforts to protect the environment.

Dubbed "The War on Wolves Act," this anti-wolf legislation disregards our government's system of checks and balances by blocking citizens from using federal courts to challenge this politically-motivated and unscientific action by Congress.

When the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed federal Endangered Species Act protections for wolves, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming rushed to open up brutal trophy hunting and trapping seasons on them. In the Great Lakes alone, more than 1,700 gray wolves were killed. Your help is needed to prevent further inhumane slaughter of wolves.

Sign and tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to oppose H.R. 424 and S. 164, which would expose wolves in four states to cruel trophy hunting.
Subject Line: Oppose H.R. 424 and S. 164 to keep wolves protected

Dear Legislator,

As a constituent, I am writing to ask that you oppose H.R. 424 and S. 164, the "War on Wolves Act," which would revoke Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections for wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

This legislation has a bland name, the Gray Wolf State Management Act, but make no mistake, it signifies an all-out assault on wolves in those states. The bill not only disregards the sentiment of so many Americans who oppose the trophy-hunting and trapping of wolves, but it also sets a troubling precedent by doing an end-run around our government's system of checks and balances, specifically by blocking any judicial review.

Moreover, the majority of citizens in the states that would be affected, including Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, have made it clear that they do not support cruel and inhumane wolf hunting methods.

In 2014, Michigan voters soundly rejected two laws authorizing a wolf hunt. In a 2012 survey of Minnesota voters, 79 percent said they did not support the hunting of wolves. In 2014, a vast majority of 9,000 Wisconsin residents surveyed said they opposed wolf trapping.

And, according to a 2015 poll, 90 percent of American voters indicated their support for ESA protections for wildlife.

In 2014, when a federal court looked at the facts and the law and stepped in to restore federal protections for wolves in the Great Lakes region and Wyoming, the ruling aligned with the values of the American public.

Please oppose the War on Wolves Act, H.R. 424 and S. 164, and keep wolves protected under the Endangered Species Act.

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