Teach Science, Not "Intelligent Design"

Studies show that American children are falling behind children in other nations in their knowledge and understanding of science. But instead of improving the quality of science education, movements across the country are trying to substitute ideology for fact in our classrooms.

The freedom of religion and the quality of public education are being put to the test in schoolrooms across the country. Recently, the Kansas State School Board revised its statewide science standards to undermine the teaching of evolution. Their decision opens the door for curriculums based on "intelligent design" and creationism.

But the problem with this policy is that science is based on facts and testable predictions; religion is based on faith. And unfortunately, "intelligent design" is no more than religious creationism dressed up with a new name. A quality science education teaches children to weigh evidence, think critically, and apply the scientific method to test theories. A study of "Intelligent design" does none of these things.

For the sake of our children and the competitiveness of our country, urge your state governor to defend the integrity of science education in our schools!

Dear [ Decision Maker ],

I write to express my deep concern about the education of our children. Specifically, I am concerned about efforts to supplement or replace the teaching of evolution in our public schools with religious dogma or unscientific speculation.

Studies show American children falling behind those of other nations in their knowledge and understanding of science. We will not be able to close this gap if we substitute ideology for fact in our science classrooms.

I do not oppose exposing our children to philosophical and spiritual discussion around the origin and meaning of life -- just not in the context of teaching science in a public school science classroom.

For the sake of our children and the competitiveness of our country, I urge you to ensure that:

- Science curricula, state science standards, and teachers emphasize evolution in a manner commensurate with its importance as a unifying concept in science and its overall explanatory power.

- There are no requirements to teach "creation science" or related concepts such as "intelligent design," or to "teach the controversy" -- implying that there is legitimate scientific debate about evolution when there is not.

- Publishers of science textbooks should not be required or volunteer to include disclaimers in textbooks that distort or misrepresent the methodology of science and the current body of knowledge concerning the nature and study of evolution.

Our nation's future rests in the hands of our children. I seek your commitment to ensure that our schools teach science, not ideology, to our children as they prepare the next generation for the challenges of a new century.

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