It is VITAL that ALL Americans join us to take back America. Our country must stop illegal immigration and stop the Amnesty of these 15-20 illegal immigrants and later their 30-45 Million family members. Illegal immigration costs America 60-70 billions dollars a year and countless of amount of Americans have been victims of crimes by those who are here illegally. By signing this ULTIMATE Petition you are sending a message to Congress and you will be admitted to join us in the fight to take back America, for Americans. 

 In December 2005, the House of Representatives passed HR 4437, which was introduced by Representative James Sensenbrenner. HR 4437 would have given the proper muscle to finally deal with illegal immigrants who cost all American citizens everyday. This bill would have supported the will of a vast majority of American citizens. Among other protective requirements, it make an illegal immigrant's presence in the US a federal crime ( The same LAW that MEXICO currently has and uses against illegal immigrants in their country. By making it a “Federal Crime, it simply prevents illegal immigrants from ever getting “Amnesty” which is what they fear. ); funded 700+ miles of wall on the US-Mexico border ( Which has been proven to reduce crime, reduce illegal drugs , reduce tax by reducing tax burdens of illegal immigrants where these walls are currently used. ) ; and expand the definition of smuggling to include assistance to an illegal immigrant ( Which would stop groups like “LaRaza” that assist illegal immigrants to blend into the USA costing every single American countless of US dollars, crime and the loss of American Culture ). The House bill was strong, patriotic, and would have protected our American citizens. The Senate in its attempt to “pander” to the illegal immigrants simply are prostituting themselves for votes they think they will get in the future, regardless of the ultimate harm they do to our country.
  By signing this petition you are asking Congress to stop closing their eyes to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION that is costing US Citizen Tax payers some 60-70 BILLION dollars every year, year after year.
   You are also telling Congress that you do not agree with ANOTHER failed “Amnesty” program like the one in 1986 which was supposed to be the “Last Amnesty”. This so called “Last Amnesty” permitted over 3 million people WHO BROKE THE LAW to be rewarded with a US Citizenship and inspired these 15-20 Million to get “their Amnesty” currently.
       You are telling Congress that you are NOT stupid and no matter what they are calling it, its simply another “Amnesty” program with a different name ( with bogus limited small penalties to bring as many illegal immigrants as possible into the USA ).
    You are telling Congress that you do NOT agree with letting these 15-20 MILLION illegal Immigrants get the grand reward of a US Citizenship by illegally breaking US law. Many of these illegal immigrants are or have broken laws that would land a US Citizen with serious jail time. 
You are telling Congress you are aware of the serious crime problems related to illegal immigrants and have been informed by sites like Lou Dobbs on CNN TV, Web sites like and other main stream and Grass Roots sites and patriotic groups across the USA.
You are also saying that you do NOT agree with rewarding these 15-20 Million illegal immigrants then their 30-45 Million family members ( Yes, once these 15-20 Million get back door Amnesty to Citizenship, THEY WILL BE ABLE TO BRING IN another 30-45 MILLION family members under the family re-unification laws like ANY other new citizen) This would lead to 45 to 65 Million of the worlds most poor, uneducated, ill, little skill which will over all be a burden on the US tax payer and take away from our senior Citizens Social Security system.
You are also telling Congress that you do NOT agree with “Anchor Baby” loop holes. ( Many illegal immigrant women enter into the USA, pregnant in hopes to deliver their baby in the USA in order to circumvent immigration law by using the baby to “Anchor” them and their family into the USA and get LOTS of benefits they would NEVER get in Mexico ). This is an abuse of the 14th Amendment that was written originally  to protect the US slaves in America and give them Citizenship. These illegal immigrants abuse this as another method of circumventing immigration laws. ( See for more about this )
You are saying that Illegal Immigrants should NOT be able to obtain ANY US TAX PAID benefit ( other then emergent medical care before being deported ) You want to remove ANY benefit , ANY tax paid assistance, ANY Tax payer grants, ANY public assistance or housing paid by tax payers,  ANY type of benefit / service / support which has been  paid for by ANY tax payer. And ANY private organization that assist illegal immigrants should lose their Tax exempt status. You want to save this money for YOUR OWN FAMILY or US CITIZENS in need. Not to give it away to illegal immigrants.
You are also saying that NO Illegal Immigrant should get ANY benefit that is NOT given to American Citizens FIRST !!!
You are saying that Illegal Immigrants should be barred from citizenship and arrested for obtaining, attempting to obtain, counterfeiting, making or using any type or form of official American ID card / paperwork ( IE Drivers License, SS cards, False VISAs, False Green Cards, False Birth Certificates, False Pass Ports, False Work permits, Other forms of official ID cards as well. )
You are saying that illegally entering the USA should AUTOMATICALLY bar you from ANY type of CITIZENSHIP in the USA ( photo, finger print, maybe DNA records then DEPORT ) . NO reward should be given to anyone that illegally breaking US Custom and immigration law ( to “beat the system” ). This is the ONLY way to stop illegal immigration, by taking away ALL the benefit of illegal immigration. If you don’t strip ANY possibility of citizenship, these illegals will simply keep on trying to cross till they are able to slip past our border patrol to hide , waiting for Amnesty. There are many waiting LEGALLY to enter. Those who enter LEGALLY and under controlled numbers should ALWAYS get PRIORITY over ANYONE entering illegally. 
You are saying that employers of illegal immigrants should face hard penalties for EACH case of hiring illegal immigrants. This is the ONLY way to stop illegal immigration, by taking away ALL the benefits of illegal immigration.
You are saying that you, as an American voting Citizen, will NOT vote for ANYONE who supports and assists in bills designed for the benefit of illegal immigrants. You will be VOTING for American Politicians who want to Support American Citizens and to protect American Citizens.
You are saying that Countries that have documented high numbers of illegal immigrants in the USA should have ALL their Citizens barred from legal immigration till the illegal immigrants are removed from the USA. This gives the governments of these abusers a message that they need to share in the stopping of illegal immigration or lose their ability to legally immigrate into the USA.
You are saying that you want MORE Border Guards and a Protective Wall on our Southern Border to stop and or slow down illegal immigrants, possible terrorist, drug traffic, criminals and other dangers to America. These Walls pay for themselves in decreased crime, decrease public tax burden by having less illegal immigrants to support, less drug and illegal traffic.
God Bless America
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