Uncle Sam is Planning to Kill 16,000 Prairie Dogs

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The U.S. Forest Service is planning to poison 16,000 prairie dogs and dramatically shrink the already limited area that is their safe zone. Thunder Basin officials intend to do it despite their declared plans to improve prairie dog habitat. Their method is likely to kill a lot of other wildlife in the affected area and, incidentally, squander taxpayer dollars for nothing. 

The plan calls for using the notorious anticoagulant Rozol. “Rozol makes creatures that ingest it bleed from every orifice and stagger around for the week or two or three it takes them to die, attracting predators and scavengers,” the environmental writer Ted Williams reports.

This petition is to tell the manager of Thunder Grass National Grassland, Tom Whitford, that we oppose this plan. This is public land, owned by everyone.

This petition will be delivered to Mr. Whitford, but please also email him at twhitford@fs.fed.us.

Better yet, contact Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead here, or at 307-777-7434, and also let your own representatives in Congress know what you think.

Credit goes to and TakePart.com for the information. Thank you.

Petition to the Governor of Wyoming and the manager of Thunder Grass National Grassland

Dear Governor Meade and Mr. Whitford,

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask you to reconsider your plans to poison the prairie dogs at Thunder Grass National Grassland.

In addition to the fact that prairie dogs were here first (by about two million years), this land belongs to the citizens of the United States. Over a thousand of these owners signed this petition in just 48 hours.

In addition to US citizens, many doctors as well as citizens from all over the world have joined in this petition urging you not to poison the prairie dogs. Their reasons are varied, but I (the petition author) would like you to know
some significant facts about these mammals and their behaviors.

Prairie dogs have the most highly-sophisticated animal language that has been described to date. Scientists have been able to translate prairie dog calls and chirps. Prairie dogs can intelligently describe sizes, shapes, colors, and
speed. They can communicate whether what they see is a hawk, a coyote, or a human. In other words they can say "A fat human wearing blue is coming this way."

The evidence suggest that their language is much more complex than this even, but scientists are only beginning to understand it. Scientists have confirmed a lot so far, but there's much more to study and learn. A research team from
the Northern Arizona University has compiled a dictionary of several of the words in their language. It sounds crazy, but it is actually confirmed. You can Google these extremely interesting studies. Here's just one video about
it (4:42): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4zSWiuuCnE

But as stated, there are many reasons people are asking you not to kill the prairie dogs. I'll let them speak for themselves. A select few of the comments are posted below. Thank you so much for reading.

James Norton
Austin, Texas

One of the last symbols of the prairie, please leave them alone!
- Barbara Boulton, MN

This plan is absolutely monstrous and obscene! The cruelty of using an anticoagulant that produces a drawn-out painful death only increases the hideousness! If we would stop killing predators, we would not have overpopulation problems
with other species! When will the government get that?
- Dr. Bonne Stewart, WI

Please do not go through with this, Mr. Whitford. These are very special animals, as are all animals in our world. Can't you make it so we can live together and both have what's needed, please!
- Carla Kidd, VA

Please don't; They're part Of the natural food chain that other birds and animals of prey use as food. Don't Waste Tax Money ON THIS.
- Ken Baldwin and Kay Abrahamson, CO

All animals have a purpose for their creation. It's not up to the government to decide whether they live or die. Animal cruelty is against our law and humanity.
- Mike and Nancy Burden, SC

All that federal land belongs to us all. If you want land for agriculture-buy it! Otherwise, those are my prairie dogs and I don't want them killed.
- Carol C., MI

Don't kill our wildlife! ... You have no right to destroy the environment!
- Judy Talamantes, CA

Don't kill those lovely creatures! By killing, you prove humans are nothing but parasites.
- Ioana Mitu, Romania

This is public land, owned by everyone. We, the public, oppose this plan. “Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test… consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.”
- Arielle Mackenzie, WA

What is WRONG with this country?? Is anyone with some decency at all in charge?
- Jeannie Tyner, MS

This is a retrograde step for all. These animals will organize themselves if you leave their habitat alone and allow them to live normally. Don't mess with Mother Nature...it will only cause immense problems for all concerned.
- Mary Dunlop, WA

Show some compassion - no living creature deserves this...
- Sarah Addis, United Kingdom

All beings love and cherish life.
- Mary Ch, ON

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