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On July 27, 2006, Softnyx implemented a series of changes to Gunbound World Cup. On December 15th and December 22nd, ijji adapted the patches. Listed below are five modifications the players of Gunbound North American server wish to see in effect.
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NOTE: (As of 1/18/2007) Condition 1 has been met. Good job ijji! :D
NOTE: (As of 2/13/2007) Condition 6 (the numerical room order, at least) has been met.
NOTE: Condition 7 has been met (to the best of my knowledge).
NOTE: (As of 05/09/2007) Condition 2 has been met.

In addition, here are some more suggestions:

6. Enable users to directly join a game room by clicking a "Go to Room #" button.
Reasoning: Players will have an easier time joining rooms since the rooms are no longer numerically ordered. Sorting rooms by the amount of activity is a good idea, but it is difficult for players to join specific rooms, and even more so when the buddy list is not functional. Consequently,  adding a "Go to Room #" button will allow players to join specific rooms without searching through the entire list.

7. In case you have not been informed, there is a bug activated in Double Death. If a player dies in Double Death, the second shot (the result of Double Death) fired by any surviving player cannot be seen by the dead player. Please make fixing this bug one of your top priorities.

Reasoning: This bug creates a serious problem for gameplay because the terrain and mobile positions and health will be seen differently by all players, creating much confusion and agitation.

8. Please remove or at least change the current event (that started on March 8th) and do not make any more like it.
Reasoning: While the prizes are much sought after, the actual gameplay during an event is absurd. Replacing a player's chosen mobile against his or her wishes significantly reduces enjoyment and entertainment. The reason a player would choose a mobile is because he or she wants it and if a player cannot choose his or her mobile then he or she has no reason to play Gunbound. In addition, having only Mage or Lightning to play with is a ridiculous idea. At least in a previous event with only Dragons and Knights the two mobiles (Dragon and Knight) are relatively balanced. However, Mage and Lightning are poorly matched. Mage has many advantages, namely superior firepower, larger angle range, and more movement, over Lightning. Also, Mage can soundly defeat a Lightning by exploiting one of Lightning's chief weaknesses: Lightning cannot shoot through terrain efficiently. Therefore, if a Mage digs a hole and hids in it with cover over the mobile, then it is nearly impossible for a Lightning to damage the Mage.

9. When playing different event games in the same room, make the event mobiles (Mage and Lightning in this case) randomly selected for each player in each game.
Reasoning: Currently, when a player enters a room, his or her event mobile is fixed and unchangeable no matter how many event games he or she plays in the room. For example, if a player gets Lightning for his or her first event game in room 70, then in every subsequent event game the player will always get Lightning. The only way to change event mobiles is to enter a new room. This presents a problem because the event mobiles are poorly matched. Since Mage has numerous advantages over Lightning, a player that gets Lightning in the first event game will almost always lose to a player that gets Mage in the first event game. If there is a 50% chance of getting each mobile in different event games in the same room, then each game will be more fair because each player has an equal chance to get both event mobiles.
This petition represents the interests of the majority of the Gunbound North American community. We would like to see five adjustments to our beloved game, two of which would return game-play to the state prior to the aforementioned patches.

1. Fix the buddy list.
Reasoning: Many players feel the loss of communication with their friends deprive Gunbound of one of the main fun factors. Players can no longer play with their friends nor can they add new ones.

2. Reinstate the gifting function.
Reasoning: While not an integral part of the game, gifting is an exciting feature allowing players to bond closer.

3. Install an IP address check for the avatar shop.
Reasoning: The only sensible rationale for disabling gifting would be to reduce the motivation for hacking. If hackers cannot gift avatars to themselves, then less players would be tempted to hack. Therefore, gifting should only be reintroduced if a security measure such as an IP address check is also put into effect.

4. If it is in your power to do so, change Gunbound back when it was still possible to use the Special Shot (SS) during the first four turns of the game.
Reasoning: After the update, players cannot use SS before their fifth turn. Thus, SS cannot be shot when it is needed the most, which drastically decreases its usefulness.

5. If it is in your power to do so, change the Raon mobile back to the pre-update stage.
Reasoning: Why unbalance a balance mobile? Players think Raon is now a "cheap", since the tracking range of Raon babies has increased and babies automatically move towards their target so there is no skill required for playing Raon. Additionally, players do not have a chance to evade the babies anymore. Furthermore, the "old-school" Raon players dislike the new Raon because it cannot deal high damage anymore.

If it is not in your power to alter the SS or Raon, then please inform us. We will write another petition to Softnyx.

We humbly thank you for supporting Gunbound and wish your future is one of continued prosperity.
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