Please help save Lolita!!!

This beautiful, intelligent Orca needs our help desperately. "Lolita IS dying and the park is neglecting her"... Let's get together and help this lonely Orca find a way out, she's begging for help!

How are Orca's captured?
Orca capture
During the commotion at Penn Cove, the call went out to aquariums around the world proclaiming there were whales for sale in Puget Sound. It was the largest whale capture in history.
Baby Lolita sold to Seaquarium
The air was thick with the sound of screaming whales as they thrashed in the tangled nets. Piercing shrills were heard for miles according to local residents Lila Snover and Barbara Stevens

needs our support now more than ever. We refuse to standby and watch her die in that pathetic little tank. For 20 years the Humane Society, marine biologists, and release specialists such as Ric O'Barry and Howard Garrett have championed the cause.

Now Orca Network, Dolphin Project, Orca Conservancy, The Center for Whale Research, Dolphin Freedom Foundation, RTC Productions, and many others are pooling our resources. With the Support of Washington State government, and the people of Miami we are raising national awareness to Lolita's little known dilemma and will ultimately achieve her retirement to her home waters in Puget Sound. Orca Biologist Ken Balcomb's Comprehensive Plan for Lolita's Retirement-Lolita's ONLY hope for a decent death.

With your help we will make this happen. Through educational outreach, film screenings and guest appearences at middle schools, high schools, and colleges around the world we are raising awareness about these intelligent social animals. And the corruption which keeps them trapped in a net of lies.

The public has the power to make a diference in Lolita's life. By educating our children properly we can empower them to make their own educated decisions. And by standing together, boycotting the companies that exploit marine life, and demanding the retirement of aging performers we can make a difference in all their lives. Lolita's family is waiting for her in Puget Sound and we are determined to see that she comes home. Join the good fight: the fight for respect, honor, admiration, and justice. Before its too late. Unfortunately, this dream was written before Lolita's health was determined, she is now very ill (all captivity related) and is not expected to live much longer than 5 years more or less. THIS IS THE DEATH SHE IS LOOKING AT:

Seaquarium Protest


What's Wrong with Captivity? Video
8mb quiktime file wrong with

"I think they're on their 10th or 11th 'Flipper' by now," according to one former employee, but who's counting? We go through quite a few dolphins because the damn things keep dying before they reach their teens. (
dolphin death chart Click here)We realize that they live between 40 and 70 years in the wild so, as you can imagine, it's pretty disappointing that they can't give us a few more years. However, we did find that if we keep naming the new dolphins "Flipper," the public never really knows any different. It's the 'Flipper' lie".

"If you're not part of the solution,
you're part of the problem."

~Ric O'Barry former Seaquarium "Flipper" trainer

Lolita in chains at the Miami Attraction
The Miami Attraction / Theme Park Where we Turn Wild Animals Into Circus Clowns and We Do it with a Smile.

Celebrating 5o Years
of Captivity
50 Years of Abusement
50 Years of Encarceration
and Exploitation


In captivity, they no longer have their families. Lolita has been without any other orca for 23 years. (Hugo, the only other orca the Seaquarium ever had, was kept in a separate and much smaller tank than Lolita before she arrived. As former trainers can tell you, Hugo went insane and killed himself by repeatedly slamming his head on the wall).

Jacques Cousteau once said, "There is as much educational benefit in studying dolphins in captivity as there would be in studying human beings by only observing prisoners in solitary confinement."

                     PLEASE VISIT: 
HSUS on Wild versus Captive Cetaceans

The body of this petition (the smaller bottom portion) was written by the original submitter, who didn't live in Florida. I live here and have known this beautiful suffering animal her whole life; this is not a pretty picture and I hold WOMETCO ENTERPRISES,  
Arthur Herman Hertz, CEO 
3195 Ponce DeLeon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL. 33134
solely responsible for the horrors that go on behind the "circus" scenes!
I WANT TO PUT WOMETCO OUT OF BUSINESS, AS DO THE MANY THAT KNOW THE HORRORS THEY HAVE COMMITTED OVER THE YEARS! During hurricane Andrew six sea lions were electrocuted to death, during hurricane Wilma thousands of sharks and fish were left to die because the only generator was used to keep their main money maker, Lolita, alive.

I've never had the chance to see Lolita in person, but I can tell you that she is an amazing animal.  Let's let these people know that she simply can't be imprisoned like this. 

Lolita's Prison

Her "puddle" does not meet government regulations!


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