Investigate & Manage Increase in Missing Dogs

  • by: Sue Lee
  • recipient: Toledo Police Department - Chief George Kral

A sad and disturbing crime is on the rise that involves dogs that go missing.  There are various motives that can cause a person to take a beloved pet from a home, yard and family.  Some of these precious pets are taken or led astray for the purpose of reselling them for money, using the poor animal in the corrupt dog fighting industry or just for perverted or cruel intentions.  Such is the case with Diesle, a 2-year old friendly pitbull family member.

Diesle was missing for about two weeks and later found with injuries and burns on its body and authorities are now trying to determine who is responsible and if the injuries were intentionally inflicted on the animal. Read

Diesle was led from his own private yard that consisted of a 6-foot high wooden fence.  It was not a matter of escape.  As owners Rebecca Eckhoff and Ashley Riebe stated, “We’ve always been really, really crazy about leaving the gates locked and making sure the dogs cannot get out. Both of them, not just one, were unlocked and cracked open. And the back gate locks from the inside. You have to be in the yard to open it.”

For some reason, whoever took Diesle left behind another older dog named Rolo.  The owners noted that Rolo came running indoors in fear, hiding under a table.  When checking the yard, they discovered the gate open and their timid and friendly dog, Diesle was nowhere to be found.  We are asking authorities to do a thorough investigation on who took the dog, why and if they are guilty of not only stealing a family member but possibly abusing the animal.  In addition to this plea for justice, we are also imploring law enforcement to place a stringent focus on the uptick of missing pets.  You can help in our efforts by signing and sharing this petition, pleading for justice for Diesle and his owners while also encourage a crackdown on missing dog issues that are on the rise every day!!

Toledo Police Department - Chief George Kral – Please continue a full investigation into the missing dog issue involving Diesle the dog that was led from his happy home and found after several weeks with injuries and burns.  It is important to find out who took the dog, why and if these injuries were intentionally inflicted upon the animal.  In addition to this particular case, you need to be more adamant and diligent on investigating the uptick of missing dogs.  Help to stop the issues involving stolen, missing and cruel treatment of family pets!!

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