Unfair seizure of our children by DCFS

Please help stop the motives that DCFS uses in obtaining children!!!!!

On Dec 2004, I finally was able to understand issues that had been going on with my daughter for the last 2 yrs and I was led to believe that DCFS would HELP get my daughter now 14 yrs old back home and the help she needed.
With issues related to drug abuse, sexual activity, possible sexual exploitation, all along a family was behind all of this.
This family successfully has been able to talk themselves out of any prosecution by slandering me and my other children and saying my daughter is basically at fault not them, because they were only trying to help her, with their lies they were able to get involved with this in everyway possible, they got access to the courts, they got access to her juvenile probation officer, they even took her a doctor and had received meds and treatments, without my knowledge, when I found out they were doing this, I called the Doctor and was told they signed a form stating they were her guardians.
I thought I made myself clear but it still continued, and when I questioned why it continued, i was told that my daughter was ill and I wouldn`t take her to the doctor, LIES NOTHING BUT LIES.
Well this is 2006, my daughter is being basically kept from me. At the beginning of this mess, I attempted to bring her home with my only support was a 800# if needed. So of course I made numerous calls due to her wanting to runaway or striking me or verbally abusing all of us who loved and cared about her. I was just devastated what could I do, and DCFS said let us take and put her in specialized foster care and I would have access to her when I wanted and I did do that, didn`t want to but no other options available to me, so she goes.
It all seems perfect she is back to seeing a therapist, and a psychiatrist, I go and get her often for visits and everything was alright it seemed and then she changed. When she changed of course she was taken back to the hospital, due to her behaviors. After she left this family they had found where she had threw her meds behind her bed and a bottle of alcohol, but when she climbed ontop the roof of their house that was too much. I have found out since that time, even with the order of protection in place she had contacted that family, and they again provided these things for her, but again nobody does anything to them, its my daughter`s fault, I am just sick, how can these people keep doing this to her. How can a child who now is 15 yrs old, who had been basically been brain washed by this family for now 3 yrs, be completely responsible.
Now we are 2006 she has been in a residential facility since Sept 2005, she is doing better but now its because of the LEGAL DRUGS THEY MAKE HER TAKE, and due to a psych eval I am no more then a liar because basically I only answered the qestions the way I did, because i knew ahead a time what the Dr. wanted, so therefore my answers showed nobody could be as perfect as I thought I was, so therefore I was a liar.

4. Stop making her into a zombie, stop making her look as if she is looking right through instead of looking at you
5. Listen to her
6, She knows what happened to her (but with these drugs she is given the truth may never come out and for some unknown reason its like nobody wants them out.
COULD THIS BE BECAUSE OF THE DIFFERENT JUDGES, JUVENILE PROBATION OFFICE, AND THE STATES ATTORNEY OFFICES ALLOWED THIS ALL TO HAPPEN, none of these entities wanting to listen to me, so therefore she was basically kept with this family with recommendations from them, because they assumed I WAS THE PROBLEM.  I`M NOT THE PROBLEM!!!!!
7. I had full support from her own doctors, her psychiatrist, her therapist, crisis intervention, and SASS, and the local hospital I would take her to numerous times but even with all of that, nobody listened to them either.
8. So now soon I see the courts taking my rights away, because I was ordered to go to therapy for my own issues, well I went I said I don`t feel I have issues, so the therapist said no need for me to go back.
9. I was ordered to take parenting classes, my daughter is not an infant and nothing available to parent a teen in trouble, JUST BLAME THE PARENT, her behavior has nothing to do with peer pressure or just the society itself and of course nothing about ritual abuses.
10. Am I crazy no I don`t think so, will I be when this is all over, no I will continue to FIGHT for these unfair ethics that DCFS uses to obtain children
11. I don`t have the money to fight the systems of these things, I guess I could just emancipate her, but what would that do, it would just destroy me, I LOVE CASSANDRA more then life its self. And then she probably be only a ZOMBIE the rest of her life, hiding in her shell not allowed to talk about what happened to her, so therefore all of the entities who are keeping her so medicated are no better then the MONSTERS who did this to begin with.
12. And then I am now aware that the state is footing the bill at the cost of $7000.00 a month, I have asked numerous times to help me get her home and provide me the support and of course they can`t do that, so I guess you can say now that the State is also behind the same charges the other entities allowed.
Unless someone an come foreward and help me HELP MY CASSANDRA
13. I have no charges against myelf from DCFS either, the only one being charged is a child who was brainwashed into doing the drugs, sexual activity, alcohol consumption, sexual suggestive pics on the internet, because she was told this other family that they cared so much for her.
Look out communties across AMERICA because you will never know when they might want your child, because like I said they are free to continue their conquest of OUR children, and don`t forget about our courts also allowing their freedom in exchange for my daughter`s welfare, in allowing slandeous comments and false allegations from DCFS, and lies from the family to allow the courts to assume its all my fault, and like I said no evidence is related to me, it is all relates back to that FAMILY.
1.It was their computer
2. my daughter was computer illerate
3. somebody had to have taught her to do what they said she did.
this nightmare started December 2002 and continues today July 2006
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