Joe Walsh fans now believe that it is time for Joe to be recognized and be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a SOLO artist, which he truly deserves.

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This petition is addressed to the
Rock and Roll Hall of fame Foundation
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And concerns the matter of the induction of Singer – Songwriter – Rock and Roll artist JOE WALSH as a SOLO artist, to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio.

Joe Walsh fans now believe that it is time for Joe to be recognized and be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a SOLO artist, which he truly deserves.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, created over 25 years ago, recognizes and archives the history of the best known and most influential artists, producers, engineers and other notable figures who have had some major impact on the development of rock and roll.

*The History of Rock and Roll and really music in general, is unimaginable without Joe Walsh's contributions. Paul Allen best described and said this when presenting Joe with the MoPOP Founder's Award, "Joseph Fidler Walsh, is a versatile and innovative musician and composer who strongly influenced the evolution of popular music nearly a decade before he joined the Eagles in 1976, and he continues to do so today. Joe is an incredibly gifted songwriter who's ability to play both lead and rhythm guitar and to give us licks so good, that we never forget them. He is undoubtedly the master of crushing power chords, slide playing, soaring lead lines and melodies. Walsh is the rarest of guitar heroes, one who doesn't overplay, instead using his incredible sense of tone and phrasing in putting together simple melodies that really bring out the heart of each song. Nicknamed, The Clown Prince of Rock and Roll, Walsh's sense of humor plays a big part in his songwriting, yet he is able to combine that sense of humor with some serious lyrics to create a sort of everyman persona and it shows in a number of his solo songs that show his softer side. Joe is a musician that consistently sets the bar higher and higher with the constant refinement of his own craft. He is the type of musician that is often imitated but can never be duplicated because of his unique style of playing."

*Known Bands that Joe has played with through his career, besides being a Solo Artist include: Joe got his start within the music scene when he was still a youth living with his family in Montclair, NJ, where he attended Montclair High School. He had played with the G-Clefs and The Nomads.
-1965 -1967, while attending Kent State in Ohio, Joe and three other students from the college, started an Ohio garage band called, The Measles. Two tracks on the Ohio Express' Beg Borrow and Steal album, "I Find I think of You" and "It's True," featured Joe Walsh's vocals and were actually recorded by The Measles, led by Joe himself.
-1968-1971: Joe joined The James Gang shortly after the New Year in 1968, when guitarist Glen Schwartz decided to leave the band. In 1969, they released their debut album, Yer'Album. The James Gang's next two albums, James Gang Rides Again (1970) and Thirds (1971) produced two of Joe's classics, Funk 49 and Walk Away.
-1971-1973: In 1971, Joe left The James Gang and formed his own band called Barnstorm. After taking some advice from The Who's, Peter Townshend, Joe experimented with the ARP Odyssey Synthesizer to great effect on such songs as "Mother Says" and "Here We Go Again" which were on their debut album, Barnstorm. Joe would soon experiment with acoustic guitar, slide guitar, effects pedals, fuzzbox, talk box, keyboards as well as running his guitar into a Leslie speaker 122 to get organ like guitar tones. "Rocky Mountain Way" is an excellent example of the amazing slide playing and talk box skills Joe had experimented with and still continues to use to this day.
-1975 – Present : Joe, who is probably best known for being a member of The Eagles had joined in 1975, replacing Bernie Leadon. Hotel California, was the band's 5th album and the first to feature Joe. On September 24, 1979, they released their album, The Long Run.
*Other Bands Joe has been with:

- In 1984, Joe was asked by Paul Christie to go to Australia to play with the Party Boys and so he performed with them on their late 1984 – early 1985 Australian tour and appeared on their live album, You Need Professional Help.
- In 1989 and 1992, Joe toured with Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band.
In 1989 while producing their Homegrown album, Walsh briefly joined the New Zealand reggae band Herbs. Although he left by its release in 1990, he still appears as the lead singer on two track, "Up All Night" and "It's Alright." The album also includes the first recording of Joe's"Ordinary Average Guys" (sung by late bassist Charlie Tumahai), which subsequently became a solo hit for Walsh as "Ordinary Average Guy."
- In 1990, Walsh was part of a band called The Best, along with keyboardist Keith Emerson, bassist John Entwistle, Guitarist Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and drummer Simon Phillips. The band performed several shows in Hawaii and Japan, with a live recording resulting.

*Joe's Solo albums include: Barnstorm (1972), The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get (1973), So What (1974), You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind (1976), But Seriously, Folks…(1978), There Goes The Neighborhood (1981), You Bought It, You Name It (1983), The Confessor (1985), Got any Gum? (1987), Ordinary Average Guy (1991), Songs For A Dying Planet (1992), Analog Man (2012), All Night Long: Live In Dallas (2013).

*Songs Joe Walsh is well known for and those that should be heard and revisited: "15 Years," "A Life of illusion," "All Night long," "Laundry Mat Blues," "Analog Man," "Ashes the Rain and I," "At the Station," "Band Played On," "Book Ends," "Bubbles," "But I Try," "Class of 65," "Comin' Down," "County Fair," "Daydreams (Prayer)," "Days Gone By," "Dear john," "Decades," "Dreams," "Falling Down," "Family," "Fishbone," "Fun," "Funk #48," "Funk #49," "Funk #50," "Good Man Down," "Got any Gum?," "Half of the time," "Happy Ways," "Help Me Through the Night," "Here we are now," "Here we Go," "Hi-Roller baby," "I borke my leg," "I Can Play That Rock and Roll," "Down on the Farm," "I'll Tell the World About You," "I Like Big Tits," "In My Car," "I'm Actin'Different," "India," "Indian Summer," "Inner Tube," "It's All the Same," "Life's Been Good," "Look at Us Now," "Love Letters," "Lucky That Way," "Malibu," "Meadows," "Memory Lane," "Midnight Man," "Midnight Moodies," "Mother Says," "No Peace in the Jungle," "One Day at a Time," "Ordinary Average Guy," "Over and Over," "Pavanne," "Problems," "Radio Song," "Rocky Mountain Way," "Rosewood Bitters," "School Days," "Second Hand Store," Shadows," "Shut Up," "Slow Dancing," "Song for a Dying Planet," "Song For Emma," "Space Age whiz Kids," "In The City," "Life in The Fast Lane," "Spanish Dancer," "Take a Look Around," "Tend my Garden/Garden Gate," "The Bomber," "The Confessor," The Gamma Goochee," "The Worry Song," "Theme From Boat Weirdos," " Time," "Time Out," "Told You So," "Tomorrow," "Turn to Stone," "Two Sides To Every Story," "Up All Night," "Pretty Maids All in a Row," "Walk Away,' "Welcome to the Club," "Where I Grew Up," "Wolf," "Wrecking Ball," "You Might Need Somebody," "New Year's Eve," "Rivers," "No Man's Land," "Woman."

*A few of Rock's big time names have been quoted in praising the work of Joe Walsh and his style of playing and has had some influence on some of their work as well.
- JIMMY PAGE, "He has a tremendous feel for the instrument. I've loved his style since the early James Gang."

ERIC CLAPTON, "He's one of the best guitarists to surface in some time. I don't listen to many records, but I listen to his."

- PETE TOWNSHEND, "Joe Walsh is a fluid and intelligent player. They're not many like that around."

- JIMMY FOX, in a 1998 Chris Welch interview, Fox talks of the Gang's final years and the breakup: "It became quite a quest to find a suitable replacement for Joe Walsh. We'd try some guys and do an album or two, but it wasn't what we wanted and so we'd move on to something else in the hope of recapturing the old spirit. Some of the albums were good but we were always looking to find that particular thing we had with Joe and I don't think we ever found it again. So, after all those changes, Dale and I talked one day and said 'Enough's enough.' That's when we decided to let it go."

*Besides being a musician, Joe has also had a taste of acting:
-1971 – The film Zachariah as a member of The James Gang
-1980 – Joe played a prisoner in The Blues Brothers film
-1996 – Joe had an appearance in the TV show, The Promised Land playing the role of RJ, the owner of a music store.
-1998-2001 – Joe made appearances as Ed on the Drew Carey Show
-2015 – Joe made a special appearance as a Music Video Director on the TV Series Wicked City
- 2016 – Joe made a special guest appearance as himself on the TV series, Criminal Minds and Better things.

*Other notable appearances:
-In 1974, Walsh produced Dan Fogleberg's Souvenirs album and played the guitar, electric guitar, 12 string guitar, ARP bass and provided backing vocals. He also contacted Graham Nash to sing harmony vocals on "Part of The Plan," which helped send the album to No. 17 on the 1975 Billboard album chart. Coincidentally, Joe also sang lead, played and put together the song, Part of the Plan on a recent album that came out in November of 2017, Tribute to Dan Fogelberg.
- In late 1974, Joe played slide guitar on former Barnstorm band member, Joe Vitale's debut solo album, Roller Coaster Weekend.
-In 1981, Joe helped put together John Entwistle's 5th studio album, Too Late the Hero, which became John Entwistle's best charting solo album, with hit singles "Talk Dirty" and "Too Late the Hero."
-In 1982, Joe was a background musician (1st guitar solo) on Eagles band member Don Henley's hit "Dirty Laundry."
-In 1989, Walsh recorded an episode of MTV Unplugged with the R & B musician Dr John. Also in 1989, Joe filmed a live concert from the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles with Etta James and Albert Collins, called Jazzvisions: Jump the Blues Away.
-In 1993, Joe and Glenn Frey teamed up for the "Party of Two" tour in the United States.
-In 1995, Joe helped to produce and performed three songs on the A Future to this Life: Robocop- The Series Soundtrack. The three songs he performed were: "A Future to This Life," "Guilty of The Crime" and "Fire and Brimstone."
-In 1996, The James Gang did a reunion for the Democratic president, Bill Clinton.
-In June of 2004, Joe performed at Eric Clapton's Crossroads guitar Festival in Dallas Texas. He was also featured in September 2004 at the Strat Pack, a concert held in London, England, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster.
-In 2006, Walsh reunited with The James Gang for new recordings and a 15 date summer reunion tour. The tour lasted into the Fall.
-Released in 2007, Joe Walsh performed three songs on the album, Dear Mr. Fantasy: A Celebration for Jim Capaldi. The three songs are: "Forty thousand Headmen," Living on the Outside" and "John Barleycorn Must Die."
-In 2008, Joe appeared on the Carvin 60th Anniversary Celebration DVD as a celebrity endorser.
-On February 12, 2012, Joe appeared on stage with Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Dave grohl and McCartney's band at The Staples Center in Los Angeles to close out the Grammy Awards Show.
- In 2012, Joe appeared on the 60th Episode of Live From Daryl's House, which premiered on November 15, 2012.
-In 2012, Joe performed on Paul McCartney's song, "My Valentine," off of his album, Kisses on the Bottom released on Nov. 26, 2012.
-In 2016, Joe wrote a song, "No Man's Land," for the documentary, Citizen Soldier.
-In 2017, Joe played on two tracks off of Ringo Starr's album, Give me Love. The two songs are, "We're on the Road Again" and "Electricity."
-In 2014, Joe made an appearance on the Foo Fighter's eighth studio album, Sonic Highways.
-In February 2014, Joe was featured in several songs on the CBS Special, The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles.
-In 2015, Joe co-wrote the song, "Bridges," with Ringo Starr for Ringo's album, Postcards from Paradise, which was released on March 31, 2015. In the early 1980's, Walsh produced Ringo's 1983 underrated Old Wave album.
-On May 24, 2016, Joe appeared on NBC's The Voice in which he played slide guitar, talk box and performed Rocky Mountain Way with contestant Laith Al-Saadi.
-In addition, Joe has also contributed to albums done by: America, REO Speedwagon, Jay Ferguson, Andy Gibb, Wilson Phillips, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Steve Winwood and on the Richard Marx hit, "Don't Mean Nothing."

-As a member of The Eagles, Walsh has won 5 Grammy Awards, which include as follows:
- (1977) record of The Year: "Hotel California" single
- (1977) Best Arrangement for voices: "New Kid in Town"
- (1979) Best Rock vocal Performance by a Duo or Group: "Heartache Tonight"
- (2008) Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals: "How Long"
- 2009Best Pop Instrumental Performance: "I dreamed there was No War"
-1998 – Walsh was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame WITH The Eagles (Not alone)
-2001 – Also along WITH The Eagles, Walsh was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame
-In December of 2001, Kent State University awarded Walsh with an honorary degree in music.
-In May of 2012, the Berklee College of Music awarded Walsh, along with other members of The Eagles, an honorary doctorate for his accomplishments in the field of music.
-2016 – Walsh along WITH The Eagles received the Kennedy Center Honors, which recognizes "lifetime artistic achievements
-2016 – Walsh along WITH his band Barnstorm were inducted in The Colorado Music Hall of Fame
-2016 – Walsh received The MoPOP Founder's Award , which is probably the only SOLO recognition he has received in his life. The Founders Award celebration is the signature event for MoPOP, formerly Experience Music Project. It honors the life's work of living legends while raising money for the institution's education programs.
-2017 - To thank Joe Walsh for his deep commitment to veterans and the small organizations that support them, Work Vessels for Vets, Inc presented Joe with their esteemed PATRIOT STAR AWARD. The Patriot Star bears the embroidered star from a US Flag flown over Fallujah, Iraq. It recognizes the extraordinary efforts of individuals who are American Patriots helping our military veterans. Joe Walsh is a Gold Star child, whose father died in uniform in 1949 when Joe was an infant. The Patriot Star Award honors Joe's work, using his celebrity and talent to help veterans' organizations by playing concerts with his friends to raise funds for his Vets Aid Foundation.

*Joe has uses his celebrity status to support, help and give back to different causes/charities over the years and he continues to do so today. These are just a few that he has helped with.
-The Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative oncology is recognized nationally as a model for providing integrative patient care for individuals and families touched with cancer. With special VIP tickets/Meet and Greet Packages, Joe helped by donating the proceeds to help support the center.
-Facing Addiction which is a national non-profit organization that gives those affected by alcohol and other drug addictions, a new kind of support network, while changing public attitudes about addiction and strengthening public health responses to one of our country's most urgent health and human rights crises. Joe Walsh Helped launch Facing Addiction on October 4, 2015 in Washington, D.C. by leading the charge for the historic UNITE to Face Addiction event, the first-ever national rally and concert for addiction and recovery awareness on the National Mall. He serves as the Chair of the Entertainment Advisory Board.

- The Santa Cruz Island foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation, established in 1985 by the late Carey Stanton to collect, maintain, and catalog items of real and personal property or interests regarding Santa Cruz Island and the other seven California Channel Islands. Joe has a deep passion for the preservation of California's eight Channel Islands, which he developed in the mid-1970's through his friendship with Carey Stanton. Joe's specific focus is the Santa Cruz Island, and he serves as Chairman of The Board. Joe is currently leading a capital campaign to build a permanent mainland home for the Foundation – the Channel Islands Center – open to the public in Venture California. As Joe says, "It's one of my main things."

- Just last year, Joe started VetsAid, a national 501©3 non-profit organization to raise and disperse funds to groups across the country that are serving the men and women who served for our country with dignity, compassion and the honor they so deserve. Joe along with Keith Urban, Gary Clark Jr. and The Zac Brown band, who graciously and humbly canceled what plans they had, came together and kicked off the First Vets Aid concert last year in September. Joe hopes that this will become an annual event.

-From doing research, it also seems that Joe is very much involved as well in trying to help in building places for kids to go and play music and is also adamant about trying to keep music programs in schools.

-In 2008, Joe funded the first talent-based scholarship at Kent State University.

-Joe has also been a personal contributor to halfway houses for displaced adult women in Witchita, Kansas.

*Other Influences and contributions Joe has had within the music industry:
-Joe Walsh's Analog Alien Pedal,
-Joe Walsh's Signature Deusenberg Guitar.
-Over the Years Joe along with Bob Heil, have improved the sound quality of the talk boxes and fuzz boxes, which are used by other artists as well.
-Walsh gave Pete Townshend the Gretsch 6120, the Tweed Bandmaster and the Volume pedal, which was used on The Who's Next, One Way or Another.
-In April of 1969, Walsh gave Jimmy Page a Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar, which Page named 'Number One,' and was the primary instrument he used during his years with Led Zeppelin.

For all the reasons cited above and more, the fans of Joe Walsh respectfully request you consider Joe Walsh for entrance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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