Stop Web Site Pedophilia In Its Tracks!!

  • by: Kaban Mathias
  • recipient: Stop Pedophilia Web Sites In Their Tracks, All Senators, Congress, World Legislative Bodies
The time is now to act and bring an end to pedophilia based sites on the internet...especially ones like

This petition is being written to go along with the one that currently exists that is aimed at the Attorney General of the United States.  The reason for creating this second petition is simple...only a representative such as a congressman or senator can take the idea of a law and make this happen.

When a bill is introduced, the bill can be the product of considerable thought and legislative draftsmanship, or it can be hastily drafted and introduced by a Member as a hand-written document on a scrap of paper. What is important is that it be introduced in some form so that the ideas it contains can have the opportunity to ignite the legislative apparatus of Congress.

Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution vests all legislative powers in a Congress composed of a Senate and a House of Representatives. The Constitution does not give either one of these bodies pre-eminence over the other in making legislative policy. Both must agree on a legislative proposal before it can be sent to the President for his signature.

As a result of this necessary procedure and the outrage of the following, I ask you to place your signature on this and forward it on to everyone that you possibly can.  This simply cannot be allowed to happen.  Please read the following as it describes this site which needs to be banned, as well as others like it.

Recently, a very serious problem has been brought to the attention of several members of cafemom. It is a very heinous website called This website is a safe haven for pedophiles. The heading on their main page reads, "A Celebration of the Splendor of Little Girls". This website includes links to pictures, or "art" as they call it, of little girls, confessional blogs, a directory of resources for pedophiles (for "both boylovers and girl lovers, as well as anybody else looking for information about pedophilia and consensual child love"), as well as many other links. This site has a manifesto, stating demands to the government to legalize pedophilia.

The most disturbing, though, is a link to a page title Sugar and Spice that is specifically for little girls who have "fallen in love" with a pedophile. This site is set up to draw in little girls. It looks like any other fun little girly page. It tells girls that it is okay to be "in love" with an adult, and it is okay to have sex with an adult. A quote from the page: "Remember that information helps you to make the choices that are right for YOU. Don't let other people think for you, YOU know yourself better than anybody else, so YOU should be the one to decide whom to love and how to use your mind and your body." It has a questions and answers section, downloads, and a page to links for more information.

If you agree that things like this should be outlawed, stopped, and shutdown with serious penalties (I'm thinking execution) please sign your name below and pass this on.  People from all over the world can sign this petition, so now is our chance to make a change and do something that is right and good for all of the planet.  This cannot be allowed to continue.

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