Oregonians Demand An End To The Proliferation Of "Earthquakes On Wheels" Protect Wildlife and People

  • by: D. Colvin
  • target: Oregon Governor and State Legislature Law Makers

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When you think of Oregon, you think of, wildlife, beautiful mountains, streams, rivers, beavers building dams, coastlines, National and State parks, campgrounds. You don't think about "Earthquakes On Wheels" heavy ground pounding sound pressure coming from vehicles.  Now those beautiful places are being threatened by inconsiderate motorists, who have blatantly installed in some cases 10.000+ watts sound system with disruptive and in some cases destructive sound pressure levels in their vehicles, with no regard the effects have on wildlife or people, this is very distressing to local wildlife as it is it to people, the information found on the following link  and videos and links, describes the problem and it's affects very well.  If you have the time it will help you understand the nature of the problem if you do not already understand or know someone in Oregon who does not get it, yet.

This is not "Loud Music" or "noise" this is unmistakable, these are "Earthquakes On Wheels" these are powerful low frequency sound vibrations that mimic earthquakes and thunder and can rock the earth and foundations. F.Y.I. the average auto or home stereo is generally around 600 watts or so. This quote from a sound technician in the Pacific North West. who signed the petition to Congress Puts it very well. 

"As a professional audio engineer for over 30 years, I know how damaging these frequencies are. Not only to human hearing, but also to the
human mind. High-powered and dedicated Sub-woofers were invented for the movie industry to carry "special effects" audio content. That's why that part of the audio system is known as the LFE Channel (Low Frequency Effects). They were designed to emulate real life sounds such as thunder, earthquakes, explosions, etc. NOT TO EVER BE USED IN CAR AUDIO SYSTEMS. This trend is a blight on our civilization and an atrocity that should have never been allowed to begin in the first place, let alone flourish unabated as it has."

"Earthquake Sound" In Cars Has To GO! "

This petition is aimed at systems that are 5.000 watts or more and in some cases as much as 30.000 watts resulting in excruciating levels of sound pressure levels generally enhanced by 20hz or lower digitally enhanced tracks, that are potentially capable of putting an operator of a motor vehicle into a trance like state making them a potential hazard to themselves other motorists and wildlife, imagine what this kind of pressure does to birds with their fragile legs and thin bones! What about the effect it has on horses, cows that can stampede at any given moment and deer roaming the countryside? What effect is it having on coastal creatures that are already being bombarded by VLF Sonar?

"In addition to making people ill from this and destroying quality of life, these dangerous nightmarish sub-woofer S.A.V., also known as Sonic Assault Vehicles, are destroying the natural sound scape and the ecosystem.  There have been many times when victims of sonic heavy bass assault are enjoying a peaceful quiet afternoon in a beautiful green park and enjoying the sweetness of the wildlife, attempting to enjoy some rest away from the noisy hustle bustle of the city, when the ground begins to pound and it feels like the entire park is vibrating heavily like an audio earthquake and the peaceful enjoyment has now been ruined!!!  Imagine enjoying the peace and quiet in your favorite beautiful local park, and a couple of these bass thug idiots drives by and destroys the peace and quiet and actually causes the beautiful birds to flee from the trees and seek safe shelter!!!  This is the same kind of deep heavy bass subsonic waves that are being used to penetrate the oceans and hurt the dolphins and whales by throwing off their sonar, which is their natural form of communication and antenna, which keeps them alert to their surroundings.  Birds have very thin legs and rely on their natural habitat to protect them and provide their natural needs and when these heavy bass thugs penetrate the natural surroundings with their subsonic heavy bass vibrations, it is a chain reaction that is very destructive and excruciating.  We will be sending this website link to many environmental organizations who work tirelessly to protect the ecosystem and the wildlife, alerting them to this very pervasive destructive polluting problem so that they too can take the necessary action steps to get help and make a positive difference.  Please feel free to duplicate our efforts and contact these environmental organizations yourself and get your community to help do the same thing.  We all need to come together and help each other fight and once and for all eradicate this toxic destructive menace."

It's not enough to make multi national corporations liable for the suffering they have contributed to, something must be done to regulate the sale and distribution, laws limiting the amount of sound pressure level emitted from a vehicle's sound system and  mandate regular inspections for repeated offenders and heavily fine those who would continue to subject others including animals and small children and pregnant woman to this type of torture, if a driver is willing to subject a small child or pregnant woman or animal to this kind of sound pressure level they should be heavily fined or perhaps even jailed. This can only be torture for the small child or unborn fetus or pet and according to experts can lead to deafness in the child or unborn. http://www.lowertheboom.org/trice/reacting.htm 

This should be considered some form of child abuse, If a state like Oregon can pass a monumental law like the one recently passed that prohibits smoking in vehicles with children, surely it can agree on regulations and laws that will discourage this type of potential endangerment to the environment, wildlife and the public in the future!

Noise Ordinances have proven to be useless in most states, since it's not heard it's felt, therefore something like this will only work.

Alternative 1
(a) Operating, or permitting the operation of, any device that creates vibration which is above
the vibration perception threshold of any person across real property boundary in a residential
zone, or in a noise sensitive zone, or in a public property.
(b) Vibration created by railroad vehicles used in interstate commerce is exempted.
Alternative 2
(a) Operating, or permitting the operation of, any device that creates vibration which is above
the vibration perception threshold of any person across a real property boundary in a residential
zone, or in a noise sensitive zone, or in a public property, or between the hours of (N1) PM and
(N2) AM the following day.
(b) Vibration created by railroad vehicles used in interstate commerce is exempted
document can be found here   https://www.noisefree.org/Noise-Ordinance-Manual.pdf 

In addition there is growing evidence including one recent incident in the U.K.  that this a form of driving under the influence.

Bristol man banned for driving "under influence of drum and bass"

"police carried out a breathalyser test and discovered Mr Cogley was completely sober".

"Passing sentence the Recorder Mr Kevin De Haan QC described drum and bass music as "intoxicating for some. Very irritating for others."



These are just some of the comments from Oregonians like yourself who signed a nationwide petition to congress, as you can see they are very upset and in need of a solution. There are more but not all left comments.

S Fowler Oregon, "I never thought it would come to this. I am well into my seventies and I have seen a lot, But never something along the lines of these terrible car stereos. People keep referring to the ""loud music"" coming out of them. It's not music at all. A car stereo is only the simple machine that these hostile, extremely anti-social people use to weaponize sound. Because that is what the sound is. A weapon used to destroy the quality of people's lives, pure and simple. It's very efficient. It's disguised as just music coming from a car, but it is done on purpose by the drivers to inflict suffering on people who are forced to listen to it on a daily and nightly basis. What is so sick is that these drivers know exactly what they are doing and they derive pleasure from it.  When you enjoy making fellow human beings miserable whether it's by terrorizing people with noise or some other method, you are quite simply a sociopath. You don't have to kill someone to be a sociopath. Hearing this booming, thumping bass is like death by a thousand cuts. I know how this sonic assault affects others and myself. My daughter has such a severe reaction to these thunderous booming cat stereos that it adversely affects her life. I hate them too. How can you not? And I hate most of all what they are doing to society all over the United States. Even in the smallest towns there is no where to go to escape them, or the warped people who choose to have these ""stereos"" installed in their cars. These people have changed the very landscape of America. They have changed a way of life even, because we aren't free anymore. WE are essentially prisoners of sociopaths who have multiplied out of control. The inmates truly are running the asylum, with the blessings of the government and the police for the most part. That is what really disturbs and confuses me. I know corporations are selling these torture devices and making a fortune from it. I know lobbyists for these ""stereo"" companies make donations to politicians so tougher laws won't be enforced. I know all about this. I just cannot believe it. And as bad as it is now, I'm afraid it will only get worse. There are no more days and nights now, where you can sit outside or even in your own home and not hear from blocks away, the thunderous booming of these machines at all hours of the day. It is like a not so genteel war zone all across this country. And the monstrous people who inflict this noise are proud and gleeful they have ruined a way of life, and I mourn it's loss as do millions of others. I remember how it was ""B.C"" before booming car stereos. I truly mourn the loss of the way life used to be. I mourn the loss of empathy and common sense. I don't know what ""we"" will do about this terrible problem, but something has to be done. Common sense and the rights of others to live in peace has to prevail."

D Springer   Oregon,"Small town with no noise ordinance or enforcement. The inmates are ruling the asylum. Police don't seem to care! What world am I living in?"

B Quirk" "Oregon, "This loud boom stereo should be illegal. What are our stupid, lazy politicians doing? I guess they don't care because they are in the big houses away form it all with their sound proofed McMansions, but their spoiled brat children probably go out and are the worst offenders. This just makes people feel stressed out and angry!"

G. Sewell OR "I would love to see these ridiculous noise-polluters banned. My neighbor has one that he blares at all times of night and day. It is the worst sleep-depriver ever!"

D. Shattler OR, "The quality of life is not what it use to be! I feel helpless!"

G Logue "OR,"I believe these powerful devices cannot be operated at any acceptable amplitude, due the acoustical dynamics of low frequency. They should be banned because of the violent nature of their intrusive, abusive power."

Why should you sign this petition?

You should sign this petition because you care.

Care about the countless animals domestic and wild who are suffering needlessly everyday, you should see our cats when one of these monsters drive by, scares the life out of them.

Care to insure the tranquility of our national parks and wildlands

Care to keep our highways and roads safe from this serious distraction

Care to insure the tranquility and protect the value of our homes and neighborhoods

Care for the many many mothers and fathers having to cope with their babies being awakened by one of these vehicles, after they have spent  hours trying to get them back to sleep, sometimes in the middle of the night! We have been there ourselves and have seen the comments from other parents as well.

Care for the numerous  sufferers all over the state who have pleaded, begged for a solution and have found none and continue to suffer from this "accoustic terror"

Care to protect children especially Autistic children from this nightmare most autistic children are sensitive to noise, that causes them to bang their heads uncontrollably any time they are exposed to this type of "noise" "loud music"

Care because the last thing we need is artificially man man made quakes, rattling nerves in a seismic prone part of the country, that is expecting a Big One in the next 50 years!

Thank you for concerns and support

In most counties in Oregon, there are little to no ordinances that exist or are enforced to protect wildlife and humans from excessive sound pressure levels of heavy ground pounding bass, ie "Earthquakes on wheels." This is a pervasive problem that has not only spread through the whole state, but nation as well. An invasion and assault on the senses of both humans and animals.

                                                                    Demand An END To The Proliferation Of Earthquakes On Wheels Protect Wildlife and People.


As a Mother and nature lover wildlife enthusiast, I implore you to sign this petition to enforce stricter laws and limitations on th

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