Government Brutally Killing 40,000 Pigs

The Hong Kong Government has recently revoked licences of hundreds of local pig farms.  Over 40,000 pigs are involved.  The government is in the process of killing these pigs, right now.  They are using the least expensive way - bullets.  Undercover workers has taken appalling pictures, showing the pigs undergoing lengthy pain & struggle and fear as they witness their peers being tortured to death. 

We must put a stop on this cruelty.

Original reports here:
(English and Japanese translations included)

** NEW **
Protest Call from Europe :
Started by Catherine Favre

The NEXT MAGAZINE was told: "Sounds of killing stormed recent noons of the New Territories North Animal Management Centre(commonly called the “Dog Shelter”) of The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) (Hong Kong).  "Truck loads of healthy pigs were transported to the Centre, all lined up waiting to be killed – scream of pigs, mixed with blood spills and brain matters – far more brutal than the electric stunning used in slaughterhouses.  Thoughts of the bloody scenes scared away government veterinarians; and outsourced killers needed to be called in to do it.   After seeing the pictures, lawyers said the government was abusing animals and plainly breaking the laws. Last year, the government pumped one billion HK dollars (HK$1,000,000,000) to lure pig farmers to give up their licenses, the theory being that pig farming was causing serious pollution.  Delicious piglets have a pricey market but the 40,000 breeder pigs are worth nothing for their inferior meat and find no buyers. The government told the farmers to surrender their pigs and assured them that “humane destruction” (“euthanasia”, literally translated) would be given to the pigs free of charge. Instead of keeping its promise, the Government is trying to meet its year-end killing deadline in the cheapest way, by putting on the massacre shows, daily...."

Japanese translation:

?‹Æ‚¨‚æ‚Ñ•Û‘¶?(AFCD)(?`)‚Ì–k“®•¨ŠÇ??S(ˆê”ʂɁuŒ¢”ð“ï?v‚ƌĂ΂ê‚é)‚̍ŋ߂̐³Œß‚ɁA‘å‚«‚­•|‚¢”ߖ‚ª?‚°‚邱‚Æ‚ª?‚éB‚½‚­‚³‚ñ‚Ì?N‚ȃuƒ^‚͉½‘ä‚̃g?ƒbƒN‚ŁA?S‚ɉ^‚΂ê‚āAŽE‚³‚ê‚é‚ׂ«Š®‘S‚É•À‚ׂç‚ꂽ‘Ò‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚邱‚Æ‚É-?‚Ì‚±‚ڂꂨ‚æ‚Ñ“ª”]‚Ì–â‘è‚Æ-‚Í‚é‚©‚É“jŽEê‚ÅŽg—p‚³‚ꂽ“d‹CŽv‚¢‚ª‚¯‚È‚¢‚æ‚荬?‚³‚ê‚éŽc?‚ȃuƒ^‚Ì‹©‚щ^‚΂ꂽB?ê–Ê‚ÌŽvl‚͐­•{‚̏bˆã‚ð‚¨‚Ñ‚¦‚³‚¹‚½;‚»‚ê‚ð‚·‚é‚½‚ß‚É‚»‚µ‚ÄŠO?ˆÏ‘õ‚³‚ꂽƒL?[‚͌Ă΂ê‚é•K—v‚ª?‚Á‚½B‰f?‚ðŒ©‚½ŒãA•ÙŒìŽm‚͐­•{‚ª“®•¨‚ð‹s‘Ò‚µ‚āA–¾‚ç‚©‚É–@—¥‚ð‰ó‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚½‚±‚Æ‚ðŒ¾‚Á‚½B ?”NA­•{‚́@“—{“Ø‹Æ‚ª[?‚È?õ‚ðˆø‚«‹N‚±‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚½‚±‚Æ‚Å?‚锂Ƃ¢‚¤?—R‚ŁA1,000,000,000‚ÌHKƒh?‚ŁA—{“؉ƂɖÆ?Ø‚ð?‚«‚ç‚ß‚³‚¹‚邱‚Æ‚ð”[“¾‚µ‚½B‚¨‚¢‚µ‚¢ƒRƒuƒ^‚É?‰¿‚ÈŽsê‚ª?‚邪A40,000•C‚̔ɐB“®•¨‚̃uƒ^‚͔ނç‚Ì—ò‚Á‚½“÷‚Ì‚½‚߉¿’l‚ª‚È‚¢‚ŁAƒoƒC?[‚ðŒ©‚Â‚¯‚ç‚ê‚È‚¢B­•{‚́u–³—¿‚Ńuƒ^‚ðˆÀŠy?‚³‚¹‚év‚ƃuƒ^‚ðŽè“n‚µ‚½”_•v‚ɕۏ؂µ‚½‚ªAŽÀ‚͍łàˆÀ‚¢•û–@‚Å”N?‚Ì‘O‚É‘S?‚̃uƒ^‚ð??‚Å‚«‚邽‚߁A?“ú‹sŽE‚·‚邱‚Æ‚ª‚‚¢‚Ä‚¢‚éB...

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