Natural COVID-19 Treatments: Feds to Doctors: Shut Up or Face Fines or Jail

The FDA, FTC, Department of Justice, and some state's attorneys general have told medical and naturopathic doctors that they cannot communicate their extensive knowledge about natural prevention and treatment of COVID-19.  The actions of these federal agencies will lead to more COVID-19 infections and death.  This is on top of recent Agency attacks on the availability of customized bio-identical hormones for women and on homeopathy. We have to fight back to preserve the doctor/patient relationship and our right to natural treatments.

Pharmaceutical treatments for COVID-19 aren't enough, especially at a time when we should explore every possible treatment during this health emergency. Trials so far have been disappointing. By contrast, emerging evidence suggests that natural medicines like zinc, quercetin, and potassium could help, sometimes in conjunction with drugs, but the government refuses to acknowledge these benefits and suppresses dissemination of this information. Nor is this an isolated incident. The agencies are even trying to stop doctors from being able to prescribe the most useful bio-identical hormones for women, hormones currently used by millions.

Send a message to President Trump, Congress, and your state government, telling them to reform a healthcare system that not only bars the use, but even the mention, of natural remedies that have not been, and never can be, put through the multi-billion dollar FDA approval process. 

Subject: Federal agencies gag natural treatments for COVID-19

The Trump administration's FDA and FTC and some state's attorneys general have told doctors they can't advise both their patients and the public about natural prevention and treatment for COVID-19.  This follows an ongoing attempt to ban bio-identical estriol and other hormones critical for women and to destroy homeopathic treatments. All of this is an egregious violation of the patient/doctor relationship. It also violates the right of the public to learn about nutritionally based therapies that are not only supported by solid scientific research, but are also potentially lifesaving.

To rely entirely on newly approved FDA drugs, the ones that make billions for the FDA as well as drug companies, especially during this health emergency, is to fight with one hand tied behind our back.

The FDA and FTC sent warning letters to doctors and clinics. These letters allege that doctors and other practitioners were making illegal claims on their websites that a product could mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19 or related conditions, making the product an unapproved drug under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

These agencies know full well that it takes years and commonly costs billions to win FDA approval for a drug. We cannot afford to wait years for solutions to this pandemic. Importantly, no one will ever pay billions for approval of a product that, being natural, cannot be strongly patented. Vitamin D, zinc, and other natural prevention and treatment have the potential to save lives during COVID-19, but the current system eliminates any chance of them ever becoming approved drugs. To censor doctors who try to inform patients and others of these important diet based remedies is to condemn large numbers of people to unnecessary suffering and even death.

For example, vitamin D is a key immune system regulator.[1] Studies have shown that people with especially low D are more vulnerable to COVID-19.[2]

Yet one of the FDA/FTC letters was sent to a nutritionist who talked about the results of this recent study showing a connection between COVID-19 and vitamin D. The post concluded, "The bottom line? In order to give yourself the best defense against the coronavirus, begin with optimizing your vitamin D status to at least 30 ng/ml starting today." 30ng/ml is just the minimum safe level of D on standard tests used by almost all doctors. But this nutritionist could face fines or even jail for sharing this basic, universally accepted information.

These same agencies, particularly the FDA in combination with the CDC, have repeatedly bungled our nation's response to the pandemic by not getting our testing program up and running promptly and by other mistakes. These same agencies, and the laws they enforce, all too often make our medicine less effective, more dangerous, and vastly more expensive.

For example, the FDA is poised to eliminate a woman's right to choose safe, natural compounded estriol as a treatment, and is creating insurmountable barriers to access homeopathic medicines. Given this history, it is not surprising that the agencies are now trying to censor doctors even during a medical emergency. Why are the agencies doing this? Are they so tied up in their own rules that they have lost all concern for the welfare of the public? Are they seeking to protect big drug companies from competition even at a time like this? 

President Trump has taken zinc, a natural supplement, along with hydroxychloroquine, an off-label drug. He has intentionally publicized these actions. Perhaps his own agencies should cite him for making illegal claims and threaten him with fines or jail? The agencies will respond that Trump is not providing dietary supplements to the public, as some doctors do. But treating with supplements is an inherent part of these doctors' practices.  

Especially during this pandemic, it is not acceptable to censor doctors or to censor others who want to share solid scientific studies with the public. We must reform our medical system so that good science can operate within a framework of good law. We must stop fighting the commonsense observation that what we eat and how we live can affect our health just as much or more than drugs.

The FDA has threatened cherry and walnut growers with fines and jail for mentioning respected university studies on the health benefits of those simple foods. The agencies say that any reference to these benefits turns cherries and walnuts into unapproved drugs!  This nonsense has to stop. Now is the time for the American public and its political leaders to step in and stop it.

Lives are at stake. We are asking you, our political leaders, to step in to reform a healthcare system that not only bars the use, but even the mention, of natural remedies that have not been, and never can be, put through the multi-billion dollar FDA approval process. 



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