Romney: Put Wildlife Before Oil Profits!

Mitt Romney is no George W. Bush -- but he sure is trying to win the fossil fuel vote. In the second debate, Romney bashed President Obama for his energy policies and for trying to make sure birds don't die just so a few oil companies can reap profits.

Romney claimed "the administration brought a criminal action" against the oil companies drilling in North Dakota just to vindicate the deaths of "20 or 25 birds."

Wow, does this guy just not get it!

Here's what really happened: birds were mistaking open oil pits for ponds and getting poisoned in contaminated wetlands. This violated a law on the books, so the Obama administration sued to enforce it. That is what the executive branch is supposed to do, after all: enforce laws.

Romney's comments weren't just stupid and patronizing. They show he values money more than wildlife, the environment, and our health. Tell Romney to get his priorities straight and put the planet's future before profits.
Dear Governor Romney,

I was appalled to hear your trite comment about protecting migratory birds in the second presidential debate. Your attempt to bash President Obama for simply enforcing our country's laws and making sure we don't wipe out wildlife in the name of oil profits was ill-informed and downright wrong.

As president, you'd be responsible for enforcing the laws of our land and protecting the living creatures in it. I hope you understand that you can't put oil profits before everything.

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Please rescind your comments and tell voters you understand that you will enforce our laws and protect endangered birds.


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