Gov. Cuomo: Find Out If Fracking Endangers Our Health

Fracking, an industrial process to harvest hard-to-reach natural gas, has a record of dangerous health and environmental impacts. Each time a new well is drilled, between two and eight millions gallons of water laced with hundreds of toxic chemicals are required.

In Pennsylvania, fracking has poisoned drinking water. In Wyoming, thousands of truck trips to deliver water to and from drill sites have fouled the air so much that the state, another fracking hot spot, has air pollution worse than Los Angeles.

Now, the gas industry wants to frack in New York, but before this happens we need to know exactly how fracking will affect the health of New Yorkers. In this year's budget, state leaders proposed -- but then cut -- funding to study fracking's health impacts.

It's not too late. Ask Governor Cuomo to authorize an independent study of the health impacts of fracking.
Dear Governor Cuomo,

As a member of Environmental Advocates of New York and an Empire State resident, I urge you to require a study of the health impacts of industrial gas drilling called "fracking" before deciding whether or not to permit fracking in our communities.

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Fracking is an industrial process that threatens the health of all New Yorkers. Each time a new well is drilled, two to eight million gallons of water laced with hundreds of toxic chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens, are required. Trucking water to and from fracked gas wells requires thousands of truck trips, resulting in Los Angeles-like levels of air pollution in formerly peaceful communities.

Before deciding whether or not to allow tracking, New York State must take a good look at what widespread fracking would mean for the health of our communities.

There is growing evidence of negative health impacts related to fracking in other states. In Wyoming, communities are voicing concerns about dangerous air pollution. In Pennsylvania, water quality is under scrutiny.

As a result, hundreds of doctors and healthcare experts across New York are demanding an independent study of fracking's health impacts.

I'm calling on you to follow doctors' orders when it comes to fracking and the future of New York State. Please act to protect the health and safety of all New Yorkers by authorizing an independent study of the health impacts of fracking.
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