End Cruel Mink Farming to Prevent Future Pandemics

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: Illinois State Legislature

Mink farming is a relic of a bygone era that our society can no longer ethically justify. However, in the heart of Illinois, mink farms are still operating, causing these poor creatures horrific abuse before their deaths. Thankfully, that could change. The recent proposal of the Mink Facility Disease Prevention Act has cast a spotlight on these hidden atrocities, offering a beacon of hope. It's high time we confront the cruelty behind our fashion choices.

Sign this petition to demand the Illinois State Legislature pass this bill to end mink farming!

The action on mink farms is horrifying. Packed by the thousands into barren pens, minks barely have room to move, suffering from dehydration, parasites, severe matting, and malnutrition. Some are found with wounds suggesting deliberate mutilation, all in the name of fashion. To make matters worse, their horrific living conditions act as a petri dish for creating pandemic-like diseases threatening to humans. 

This act seeks to terminate mink farming by January 1st, 2025. The move is motivated by the need of both halting the inhumane treatment of minks and the potential incubation of diseases that can easily jump to humans. This legislation represents a critical opportunity for Illinois to lead by example, demonstrating that economic interests can never justify cruelty. Moreover, it acknowledges the public health risks associated with such inhumane practices.

Sign the petition to demand the Illinois State Legislature pass the Mink Facility Disease Prevention Act without delay!

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