Get That Vegan Teacher Deplatformed!

You may remember That Vegan Teacher as the crazy boomer who would make silly songs and try to force everyone to go vegan. As annoying as she was, she was nothing more than a militant vegan.

But recently, she made a video on YouTube that crossed the line. In the video, she responded to an Instagram video of a woman letting her vegan sister's baby lick the barbeque sauce off of a rib. Seems pretty harmless, right? But then, out of nowhere, she compares this to sexually assaulting children. Yes, I'm serious. Here's a link to the video (watch at your own discretion):

That Vegan Teacher has been relying on shock value for quite some time now, but this was taking it way too far. There was no need to compare a baby enjoying a rib to the most heinous act a person could commit.

We need to get That Vegan Teacher banned from YouTube, TikTok, and anywhere else where she has a social media account. She is not right in the head, and never will be again. She has completely lost her mind and it's not coming back.

Sign the petition if you agree that That Vegan Teacher needs to be deplatformed. This madness needs to stop!

Ký thỉnh nguyện thư
Ký thỉnh nguyện thư
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