Animal fighting blends cruelty, criminality, and contagious disease. It must end.

Animal fighting is a curse. It is malicious cruelty of the worst kind. It's unjustifiable in any place where rational thought counts.

Animal Wellness Action has been shouting from the rooftops about the widespread nature of illicit dogfighting and cockfighting in the United States. We've been investigating these crimes and delivering a roadmap for enforcement to federal and state authorities.

Interdicting rampant dogfighting and cockfighting must be made an urgent priority. That's why we're working with federal lawmakers to introduce the Fighting Inhumane Gambling and High-Risk Trafficking (FIGHT) Act.

Our FIGHT Act would address cruelty as well as contagion, and:

  • halt the transport of mature roosters through the U.S. mail;
  • ban simulcasting and gambling on animal fights in the United States;
  • enhance forfeiture provisions to include real property used in the commission of an animal fighting crime; and
  • create a citizen suit provision to allow private right of action against illegal animal fighters and ease the resource burden on federal agencies.

Most people consider animal fighting a morally settled issue. But it's far from settled on the ground. Only a determined, strategic effort to nab the animal-fighting kingpins, shut down their pits, seize the live contraband, and penalize the whole cast of characters involved would put an end to this mayhem.

Sign today and show your support for the FIGHT Act!
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