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Trump Resistance Training: Fight his dirty, job-killing budget

Donald Trump promised to make our country stronger and safer, but his proposed federal budget would do exactly the opposite. He wants to cut funding for the EPA, poisoning our air and water, dismantle vital public services, and slash life-saving foreign aid. Yet he’s also trying to pass legislation that would benefit his businesses and line his family’s pockets. We don’t have to let him do any of these things. Join us for this installation of Trump Resistance Training to learn how you can fight back.

Your Host:
Miranda Becker

If you’re ready to stand up for an issue you believe in, start a petition to rally supporters to your cause!


People power is at the heart of petition success. Grow your signature count with these tried-and-true tips.


Make sure people in authority know about your cause, and pay attention to your demands, by delivering your petition.

Petition Author Spotlight
Just being silent means you’re tacitly letting injustice happen. So by starting a Care2 petition and by getting other people involved, you’re saying: ‘Look, I’ve had enough, and I’m using my voice to try and create change in the world.’ And that’s sometimes the strongest thing you could ever do.
— Stewart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart
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