Fair Break and Meal Break Laws

  • by: Amanda Duck
  • target: Governor Chet Culver and the Iowa Legislator
I work at Dollar General and until recently we were allowed a 10 minute break every two hours as set by our store manager. This was taken away by our District Manager because she felt that we were not getting our jobs done correctly because the store is not properly faced and recovered. Never mind the fact that we have been shorthanded and had some problem employees along with being busy so it can be difficult to keep up with everything. She has threatened to take away breaks all together if the store is not up to her standards. Right now we get one break if we work over four hours and no breaks if we work four or less hours. This would not be a problem but when you work an eight hour shift and you only get an hour break and you are on your feet the entire time, fatigue sets in pretty quick. Iowa currently has not break laws so what they are doing is perfectly legal. In order to change this we need to have the Iowa legislator and Governor Chet Culver change the break laws to make them fair and accomadating. Oh and one more thing our District Manager smokes so she is outside frequently having a smoke break but if we try to she tells us no. I do know of a former employee who told her off and well she is now a former employee. If you think that this is unfair and needs to be changed then sign this petition so we can get the law changed.
We the undersigned need to have fair break laws. Those of us who are on our feet and working hard to meet the needs of customers or production standards deserve the right to have proper breaks and rest periods. Its also not fair to those who do not smoke and are allowed one break while the member of upper management can take a smoke break when she wants. Not having proper breaks causes fatigue and can lead to work place injuries or illness along with unhappy employees. Breaks should not be a privelage that managers can take away as they choose in order to increase production. Ask any retail or factory worker they will tell you that there feet get pretty sore from being on them for hours on end. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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