Fashion World and Metro Game Developers: We want change!

Like thousands of you, I am an avid player of Fashion World on Facebook, from Metro Games.   I love the game and enjoying playing it, but I am so sick of the developers not answering our questions, taking our money, and only being concerned with the next pretty little toy or fashion accessory they can give us for the game.  They do not respond to our emails or cries for help or a refund of Facebook credits, so this is one of the few things we can do to show them that we are serious about these issues being resolved. 
Here are just a few of the overwhelming problems with the game:

1) Give us our lost Facebook credits or money back that many have lost (myself included) due to early unlocks, etc. They are stealing our money and its not right!

2) Give us a game play guide or how-to on the game.  Expecting us to know that we are only allowed a certain level of counters/racks per level is ridiculous when we have absolutely NO game guide or any developers helping us in the discussions on Fashion World's Facebook page. This is just one more reason why they are showing they do not care... It should not be up to senior players to help newbies they get paid to do so? I highly doubt it. (Thank you to those players who do help are gems!)
3) Make counters available at the level the game tells us instead of locking even further because they we have received gift counters; either that, or take away counters in the gifting portion... When we try to store counters, they are lost forever because they won't unlock.  (Do they realize that if counters were made available at all times people/we would spend real money/Facebook credits on buying them? I certainly would...and have credits now that I would gladly spend, but I refuse to spend another cent on this game until the problems are fixed.)

4) The issues with the expansion/extra levels: We can not move our counters to the other floors and without the counters, how can we expand??? This is ridiculous, especially when we are not allowed to buy counters...

5) Make the game play quicker when in friends stores...why does it take so long to clean up? It takes forever and makes the task of collecting goodies from neighbors is daunting when you have more than 20 or so...don't get me started when you have more than 100 neighbors...I don't even clean stores anymore due to this.

6) Losing gifts and clothes from our neighbors after collecting them is frustrating! I have been losing many gifts, but now after going through hundreds of neighbors shops today to collect clothes and goodies, I brought back nothing! NOTHING! ..and I'm sure I am not alone.
7)  Allow us to store gifted items and have a SEPARATE storage from the locked stuff.  Give us a warehouse or storage space that holds ONLY our purchased racks/sewing machines/counters/furniture. This would eliminate the major problems with losing stored racks and counters when accidentally storing them. We should not be penalized for something we have already purchased...locking them too is not fair!!!!

8) These new floors are GREAT, but how can we possibly fill them up to use them if you do not allow us more counters? If you do not give us the ability to move furniture between floors? You really have put a damper on our game play here...give us options along with these new floors please.
9) With the new floors, we also need more employees. Customers complain that there are no employees because they are busy with other customers...correct this.
10) People being charged double for custom clothes.
11) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the game area larger in the browser! It is just so small and using the full screen is great, but when you go to neighbors stores it shrinks again and it is frustrating to move the store around....half the time it freezes or gets stuck and you sit there for minutes at a time waiting for the game to do what it does.
12) And finally....IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND LISTEN TO YOUR GAME PLAYERS BEFORE YOU HAVE NO PLAYERS TO PLAY YOUR PRECIOUS GAME!!!!!!   Horrible customer service will KILL any company, it is a widely known fact. I highly suggest you guys get your act together before you don't have a job.
Please sign this petition so that we can make Metro Games see that we are serious about these issues and this game. I know it is just a game and it is supposed to be for fun, for leisure...they are sucking the fun right out of it when you have to fight to get your stolen money back, or fight to play the game. Loads of players have already quit or threatened to quit, so WAKE UP Metro are losing us here!!!  
I will be sending this petition to Metro Games and to Facebook, so they can see what is going on.  I know Metro Games have been reported to Facebook, so perhaps this can be the change we all hope for! Thank you so much! 
We the undersigned provide you with a list of game players who would like you to listen to our complaints and respond with respect and quality customer interaction.  You will find a list of problems we have with Metro Games and Fashion World and hope that you will finally listen to us and provide us with answers.  Thus far, you have been sent message after message regarding your game stealing money from its players and other issues within the game and have provided your customers with no refund or answers as to a resolution.  We love the Fashion World game and would just like you to take us seriously and fix the aforementioned items so we can continue to play and enjoy your game. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this petition and letter. Please also take the time to read your discussions posts on the Fashion World fan page on Facebook. There you will find page after page of complaints that need to be addressed to make the game a positive experience.  
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