Stop Eating Meat -- and Heal Our Planet!

We the undersigned inform you that: Meat is the number-one climate- and planet-killer! If we do not act now, a global ecological disaster of seismic proportion will emerge within the next few years. That's what the scientists are telling us.

According to the FAO, the agricultural livestock industry produces more greenhouse gases than the use of petrol for cars, trucks and other transportation together.

 - At least 51 % of all greenhouse gas emissions -- very likely much more -- are a result of the poisonous meat industry according the latest studies from the World-Watch Institute.

-The livestock industry uses 30% of the world's surface, including 33% of agricultural land used for planting animal feed.

- Agricultural animal farming leads to deforestation to make way for new pastures and it leads to devastating, widely prevalent soil deterioration caused by over overgrazing, soil compaction and erosion.

- Agricultural livestock raising is the number-one threat for the ever-decreasing resources. An enormous amount of water, land, food etc. is used to produce the feed for livestock animals.

- Livestock animals eat more protein than they produce. For every 1 kg of animal protein produced, animals consume on average 6 kg of plant protein, in the form of cereal and green fodder.

-It takes more than 100,000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of beef and approximately 900 litres to produce 1 kg of wheat. You can take shower for one year with the water used for 1 kg of beef.

- Every day millions of animals are killed globally for the unhealthy consumption of meat. Torturing and killing animals to satisfy your own palate cannot be squared with any ethical standards.

-Meat production is uneconomical and can only be maintained with huge financial subsidies. The production and processing of animal products is supported every year through enormous contributions of taxpayers money as it is completely unprofitable on its own.

-A child dies of hunger every 2-3 seconds. The 760 million tons of grain that is consumed yearly by farm animals worldwide would be enough to cover the worldwide food shortage 14 times.

It is the responsibility of the governments, enterprises and peoples to safeguard its citizens, animals, the planet and this would be warranted by the immediate ban of meat.

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