Let L.J. Smith write The Vampire Diaries the way she wants to!

The author of the Vampire Diaries series has been fired from writing anymore of the books! There will be a ghostwriter taking over, why?... because they didnt like the story she wanted to write. She wanted to pursue Damon/Elena and was they only wanted Stefen/Elena so tried to force her to write there way, now she has been fired! Seriously! These are her books and she should be allowed to write the way she wants. They think people wont notice that its a ghostwriter and that we wont care. They have it wrong.

I think its awlful for a writer to be forced to write a certain way when they've dedicated years to writing the series. They should have the write to continue how they want.

Save L.J. Smith! This is our fandom and we won't let them mess with it! :/
 There are many fans of the Vampire Diaries, who are upset that you will not allow L.J. Smith to write her books the way she wants to write them. Most fans of the books want Damon and Elena to develop into something more than just friends. L.J. Smith has the right to allow this to happen, since she had decided she wants more Damon and Elena, then she should be allowed to write that. It's her book, and her idea, not yours. No author should be forced to write something they don't like.
 As a fan of The Vampire Diaries, I am asking you to allow L.J. Smith to write her books the way she wants to write them, and you publish them. Otherwise, you will be held responsible for a decline in the sales of the books until you re-hire her, and allow her to be the author of her books.
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