Citizens for Caylee

  • by: Citizens for Caylee
  • target: Time Warner, Disney, Bertelsmann, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation

Little Caylee Anthony is dead. She was about two and a half years old when someone took her life and disposed of her lifeless body as if it was no more than the weekly trash.

Caylee's life is over, but history will record this event as "one of the biggest ratings draws in recent memory" and "the social media trial of the century".

In an effort to procure top ratings, the alleged murderer of Caylee received $200,000 from a News Corporation before she was even arrested. This transaction, commonly known as "Checkbook Journalism", was made public by the trail court Judge two years after it took place. This funding made it possible for the Defendant in this case to hire a "Dream Team" of Attorneys.

The trial of Caylee's alleged murderer ended with a not guilty verdict that shocked the nation. What followed was a whirlwind of speculation about how much money that Defendant would be making from the sale of her book and the first television interview.

People across the country began profiting from the death of Miss Caylee Marie Anthony. One man made $15,000 for a picture of a dead snake found close to her remains. eBay stores promising to donate proceeds to charities/non profits were created. There were websites offering tshirts, wrist bands, key chains, and more in memory of Caylee...for a small donation.

With all the talk about how much money someone was going to make, it seems people forgot something.


Someone killed that precious little girl. That sweet baby that never did anyone any harm will never celebrate another birthday or see another Christmas tree. She will never go to school or attend her Prom. She will never fall in love.

This petition is a challenge to the News Media who has the most to gain off of the sensationalism of this tragedy. You have invested your money in this already, with intent to throw in more. You have ALL been more concerned with ratings and what you have to gain on this story. 

Someone killed Caylee Anthony. You want a news story? Get together and offer a 10 Million Dollar Reward for the capture and conviction of her murderer.

We the undersigned, the consumers of the United States, your viewing audience, are asking you nicely.

Dear Sirs,

We are deeply concerned that the “checkbook journalism” practice of the news media is about to unleash another unspeakable evil upon the world.

Checkbook Journalism has opened the door for people who maim someone, pretend to be pregnant, or come up on a dead snake to become financially secure.

A person can become financially secure via “checkbook journalism”  simply by being suspected of killing a child, as is the case of Casey Anthony.  She received $200,000 from ABC before she was even arrested for the murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee.

Checkbook Journalism appears to have recently become an industry standard.

We understand that competition in the media is intense, but if you continue to pay top dollar for your stories, pretty soon, there will be no public to watch it.

We’ll all be behind bars.  RICH, but incarcerated.

We the undersigned, the consumers of the United States, your viewing audience, are asking you nicely to do the right thing.  Put your money together and offer a 10 Million dollar reward for the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) who murdered little Caylee Marie Anthony.  

SOMEONE out there knows what happened.  It's time to bring justice for the little girl who has become America's Sweetheart.
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