Rename Sick Kids Hospital to a healing title for little ears

  • by: Robin H-c
  • recipient: Michael Apkon, Eric Hoskins, Katherine Wynne, John Tory, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, Justin Trudeau

To Clarify, we are NOT suggesting a name. Simply the (sick) be removed. We also have several companies and a team of great people interested in funding and fundrasing for this minor change to this extraordinary world class facility.

There is a reason they use statements such as "in the event of a water landing" on an aircraft. The language is designed to avoid activating the 'body alarm' or fight or flight response in the body.

The current name, Sick Kids, is NOT aligned with healing and was create before there was an understanding of the power of language on behavior and biology. We know that affirmations can speed healing by 30 %. Kids are highly susceptible to suggestions and expectations. We also know that studies show labels and children can last a lifetime.

According to brain science a person cannot hold two opposing thoughts simultaneously. It creates what psychologists call cognitive dissonance.

The hospitals current environment is saturated with this counter intuitve name and is an unconscious pull to be 'sick' and not heal. In addition to this all the staff will be repeating, sick kids, sick kids, sick kids, over and over again. What if their focus was healing, healing, healing?....

We need to give our children all the resources and support to heal. This include positive affirmations and statements in the environment. New science tell us the body is the unconscious mind (Candice Pert, Nuero-scientist, Molecues of Emotion). The hospital is incredibly branded with the label SICK everywhere. This is a written affirmation that interferes with healing and has the capacity to lower a little immune system. Placebo studies show a 40% success rate. These rates are even higher in children.

Kids are incredibly open to suggestion. A rename is an impactful change we can make to facilitate and speed up healing, boost immune systems,  and ultimately save lives.

Please partner with us by signing this petition to better facilitate healing for our children. We are their voice.

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