Amazon Could Be Giving Away Your Private Doorbell Footage to Police Without Your Consent.

The $400+ billion dollar company Amazon is yet again coming under fire from legislators and members of the public, but this time for its doorbell and home security offshoot known as Ring. Ring knowingly shared private doorbell footage with police -- without permission and without a warrant -- at least eleven times last year. This sets a terrifying and dangerous precedent for the company, which apparently can just decide when it wants to look at a person's footage from their private home camera.

Sign now to demand Amazon and Ring update their privacy policy and eliminate any loopholes that give video footage to the police without consent or a court order! 

The bombshell letter which documents Ring's privacy violations was written by Senator Ed Markey early this July, and according to this letter, the evidence against Ring directly contradicts the company's own internal policies. In September of 2019 the company told Consumer Reports that it "will not disclose user videos to law enforcement unless the user expressly consents or if disclosure is required by law, such as to comply with a warrant." Yet it did the exact opposite -- many times -- and will likely continue to if we don't demand change. 

 These extremely serious decisions about privacy should not be simply left up to the discretion of a company. Amazon, the company that owns Ring, is not exactly known for being a terribly trustworthy corporation. This is the same company that allegedly told workers to stay and keep working at the factory that was ultimately struck by a tornado, resulting in the deaths of multiple employees. This is also the company where workers are so pressed to complete required tasks and deliveries that they are often forced to urinate in bottles because they cannot take a bathroom break. So why would we trust Amazon - or the police - to make a judgment call on whether or not our video footage is shared? 

No matter what Ring claims, there is no reason the company cannot require a warrant or consent in every instance where police request footage. We must demand that the company update their policies to protect consumer privacy. These are private cameras, not CCTV. Sign the petition now if you agree!
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