Fast Fashion Companies Are Killing Our Planet, But France Is Standing up to Them in the Most Amazing Way

We are living in a time when you can get any article of clothing shipped to your doorstep in a matter of days, sometimes even overnight, for mere dollars. Hundreds of new styles, anything you can dream up, appear on companies' websites daily. Influencers show off mountains of clothes for try on hauls and reviews. While this may seem like a fashion dream, it's an environmental nightmare.

The fast fashion industry's cheap, unethical production practices are not only creating a massive uptick in emissions -- they're also overflowing landfills with rotting clothes that were maybe worn once, if at all.

Sign the petition supporting France's recent move to stand up to fast fashion!

The fast fashion industry has sneakily made overconsumption and lightning-fast fashion trends seem normal. For example, fast fashion giant Shein publishes over 7,000 new products on its website daily, rarely for more than $10 a piece. This encourages overconsumption and drives prices into a place where smaller, sustainable brands simply cannot compete and have to fold. The last thing we need is for fast fashion brands, that have horrific emissions rates and despicable working conditions, to have a total monopoly of the fashion industry.

Luckily, France is setting an incredible precedent for how to deal with this growing issue. The country's lower house of parliament has voted to limit fast fashion's power -- namely by banning advertising on extremely cheap textiles, and applying an environmental charge on low-cost items that will go to subsidies for more sustainable companies.

This is amazing -- but these measures still need to pass the Senate, so we can't let the pressure up just yet!

Among the measures is also a mandate forcing companies to divulge to consumers exactly what the environmental impact of their production is.

This is huge. For years now, fast fashion has been allowed to run rampant, treating the earth and people like garbage, producing wasteful products with toxic chemicals, polluting land and sea, and paying the people who work for them poverty wages. Accountability is finally here.

Let's applaud France for taking such a monumental step in the direction of environmental justice, and urge the rest of parliament -- the Senate -- to vote YES on these measures that would slow the uncontrolled burn of fast fashion.

Sign the petition supporting France's move to stand up to fast fashion, and maybe the rest of the world will follow suit!
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