Jimmy Savile's enablers and My story

  • by: Jaharley D
  • recipient: Victims of sexual abuse, Survivers of Jimmy Savile and all victims of injustice due to Thame and Chiltern due to the unknown conflict of interest

It has been nearly 9 years since the infamous Jimmy Savile a once respected died with the accusation of his crimes ever rising prior and his death making it very clear that he was in fact guilty of the crimes his committed we the public have foolishly allowed ourselves to blame the police force of Hertfordshire in protecting him and his heinous crimes towards children however I am living breathing and at this rate soon to be incarcerated proof that the police are not the only ones to blame and they were simply 'Following orders'. You see what has never been considered in regards to the case with Jimmy Savile is the fact that maybe the Crime prosecution services (CPS) are the ones protecting Savile overall and not the police. After all though Thames and Chiltern was created in 1986 like all other CPS at this time the difference only exists in the fact that Thames and Chiltern was created and founded with the same fundamentals however was founded by the war veterans of the second world war. War veterans such as Jimmy Savile which in fact isn't known as publicly as it should which is what Jimmy Savile share in regards to someone who has been countlessly been protected by the CPS, Police and even CAFCASS of Hertfordshire who grandfather also took part in the war by the name of Edward Arthur Drain who was in the frontline. I present this very serious petition not to offend the dead or to have a battle fought for my own behalf as I have been fighting for nearly 5years to deal with false claims in my name and also have been arrested on 2 accounts in an attempt to receive such evidence proving that the police force do in fact have some kind of procedure when a certain member who is related and or affiliated by such men who have served for our country who are involved in such serious crimes. I find it to be a scary thought as I have been told by the said individual that all 5brothers of hers have been charged for having a firearm and not one of them have been convicted, one of which was even charged with kidnapping of all things and again no charge and the reason is very undeniable. These are all due to the fact that founders of the CPS such as Mr Savile and MR Drain being founders make it very easy for serious crimes to disappear and from my experience they due this by simple human error which is hard to believe but what if I stated that I have a Non molestation order in my name simply because I was told one date and time to appear and when I arrived 2other times and dates were mentioned for the same case. What if I told you that I myself for nearly 5years now have been organised gang stalked by CPS and all that are ordered by them such as the police force of Hertfordshire and even my own local police force Metropolitan simply because I didn't die when I was assaulted by 4members known to the said individual one of which isn't from the area but due to the conflict of interest I was never able to get my attacker done for murder or was the other 3member who went to attack me ever mentioned in court. Now if any of what I said was true imaging if the years of Hertfordshire anti child exploitation schemes have been simply a big fat lie to cover there real intentions? With this petition I would like to begin the process to have cases with conflict of interests such as my own to be relooked and reopened by a different CPS that is no way affiliated to the Thames and Chiltern or is a part of the thames. I would like this to begin with my cases and any cases with the affiliation of the member either in prosecution or in defence who is related to Edward Arthur Drain. This would be in my instance surnames such as Reynolds or Britton. I believe in doing so we can uncover the major problem in Hertfordshire and partnering counties as well as deal a massive blow to child exploitation and paedophilia as I for one can tell you for a fact that this particular police force and CAFCASS are in aid of it. We the people need to stop being so blind to where the actual abuse is coming from and understand that it is the law that is allowing these hated things to fall on the children of tomorrow. Please sign this petition and come ever so closer to putting a great end to the abuse where it is less controlled such as Hertfordshire and with it control such crimes overall in our fair country.

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