Allow Strollers on the Metrobus

Washington DC's bus system (Metrobus) prohibits parents from having open strollers on the bus. It's required that parents fold their strollers prior to boarding. This policy creates a huge challenge for parents like us. We can change this policy in a way that is safe and minimally disruptive for other riders. Sign our petition and help make Metrobus more accessible to parents and families.

Olga's story:
There is a bus stop 1 1/2 blocks (482 feet) from my home, I can walk there in 2 minutes. There is a metro station 0.7 miles from my home, I can walk there in 15 minutes. When I could carry my child in a baby carrier, I would take the bus to and from work. It was a shorter walk, and I had the opportunity to build a community with the bus regulars – it was sweet that "strangers" would recognize my daughter even if it was dad who was taking her. They were watching her grow up. 
Then she grew up-and-out of the carrier and I had to choose between the logistical nightmare of wrestling a stroller, kid and accessories or walking an extra 13 minutes. I opted for the latter, as the former option would pose an additional safety hazard for me, my kid and other passengers as it is very difficult to manage a folded up stroller, an active toddler and a back bag on a moving (and frequently crowded) bus. I miss the convenience and the community, but figured the longer walk is worth it for a safe commute for my toddler.

John's story:
I had a shocking and disappointing experience when taking my 3-year-old daughter to the dentist via DC's Metrobus.

When returning home on the G2 bus (Georgetown Univ/Howard Univ route), I had my daughter in her stroller along with several bags while chasing down the bus. The bus driver clearly witnessed me being overwhelmed and refused to extend the wheel chair ramp. So I quickly picked up the stroller with my daughter in it and place her on the bus then arranged my bags and got on the bus - all while holding up traffic.

When we got on the bus, the bus driver rudely stated that it is required to break down the stroller while getting on the bus. I was completely appalled with the rudeness and insensitivity. I must admit that I was completely unaware of this policy of boarding a metro bus.

As parents raising small children in the city, it seems obvious that the bus ramps should be extended for strollers and that strollers should be allowed on buses without being folded up and stowed when this can be done safely. Sign our petition and help make Metrobus more accessible to parents and families.

Here are some of the specific policy changes we are seeking from Metrobus:

  • Extend the bus ramp for strollers
  • Allow strollers on to buses without being folded or stowed during NON-PEAK hours (like we do for bikes on Metro)
  • Consider allowing parents to use the area designated for wheelchairs IF there is no one using the area at the time of boarding 

Thank you for your support!

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