Give us our Old Couchsurfing Groups back!

We, the Couchsurfing (CS) community want our old CS Groups back!

The hospitable, kind, sharing members of the CS Groups have done so much for the whole CS community; we have build it.
We have put our time and money and attention into the Groups and subgroups we made and cared for, the meetings created, the posts made and the replies we gave. There is a treasure of information in these Groups, in the advise, information and answers given, in the discussions held, in the activities, places and opinions shared.

The warmth and support CS is known and renowned for is because of the Groups which made it possible.

And now this is all wiped out overnight; gone! Taken out of the heart of the community of CS: the site. But not out of our hearts. We, the people who have build this site with our contributions are still here, and we will do something about this before the CS board chases us all away with the obscure, unclear, confusing and insulting new Groups system.
Yes, insulting. Because of all the posts and subgroups removed, because of how the new Groups places multiple big individual cities in one area where they do not belong and many more things that are written in facebook messages and CS posts (some old groups still exist  hidden away -for now- so we protests on those as well) by angry and sad couchsurfing members.

 Protest against the changes made and vote here if you want our old Groups back!

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