Scruffles the dog died while at PetSmart for grooming

A pet owner dropped her bulldog Scruffles off at PetSmart to be groomed and an hour later she got the call that her dog was dead. 

Please sign my petition to demand that PetSmart investigates what happened in a totally transparent way and changes any necessary policies to keep pets in their care safe. 

I am a dog groomer myself and as such, I take the safety and health of the animals entrusted to my care very seriously. I hope the death of Scruffles was not due to a negligent groomer, but if it was, I hope that groomer is appropriately punished and PetSmart takes responsibility for the failing.

Industry standard is that if an animal gets sick or hurt during grooming that the groomer and/or manager would call the owner and accompany the animal to the designated veterinary hospital. That's why I can't understand why this dog would be dropped off alone at an animal hospital. The vet said Scruffles was already dead when she arrived, meaning she died in the groomer's care.

Accidents happen and bulldogs are notorious for health issues. But if there was no foulplay then why is PetSmart being cagey and refusing to release a written report summarizing the investigation?

We do know that Scruffles' condition worsened during the drying process and PetSmart has said the employees followed all PetSmart policies and procedures. But because bulldogs do have so many health issues, my salon has a policy to never use a kennel dryer on them. We use a hand dryer and if that is stressing them out, we towel dry them. PetSmart should have the same policy, especially after Scruffle's death.

Sign on to demand that PetSmart release all the information on what happened to Scruffles and change any policies that need to be changed to protect the pets in their care.
Update #111 days ago
As it turns out, this is a pattern at PetSmart! The Justice for Scruffles FB page continues to highlight all the tragic stories of animals dying in PetSmart's hands. And in some cases, owners are then billed for the veterinarian care. This is outrageous. Please keep sharing the petition. We have to demand PetSmart does better with our animals!
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