Want to Keep Track of Drone Strikes? There's Not an App for That

I just read a story about how Apples App store has denied an App that would notifie users whenever abother drone strike happens. The Apps designer has been turned down by Apple three times as to date with each refusal different than the previous, the third reason given was “objectionable and crude.” So Apearently reality and the  truth of the war on terror is not acceptable 
knowlage for Apple users. The app uses news from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism to provide the information on the app, you can read more at http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2012/08/30-2?nocache=1

So if you believe in the freedom to choose what information you care to know about please sign the petition so we can let Apple know we can make our own decisions and do not need them to play the role of big brother.

Thank You. 

Dear Apple, It has come to my attention and other that you have denied three time now the inclusion of an App to your App Store that tracks drone strikes. Your reason seem to change with each rejection, the last being expecially disturbing “objectionable and crude.” Appearently truth and reality about the war on terror is something the American people don't need to know!
Personally I believe we are quit capable of makeing our own decisions about what information we care to be informed about and that witch we don't. Your action are to reminiscent of a Big Brother type gate keeper.
And the last time I checked we still have (although they're both hanging by a thread) a Democracy and freedom of speech. Please do the right thing and alow us to choose for ourselves.

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