Sue JoyMax Entertainment Co. Ltd.

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Sue JoyMax Entertainment Co. Ltd.

  Silkroad Online is a MMORPG game, released and/or developed by JoyMax Co. Ltd., a company untraceable, with an unknown adress.
  JoyMax Co. Ltd. released this game, Silkroad Online, which is a FREE 2 PLAY( as they name it) MMORPG, making no discriminations such as age (fact that can affect very young players by the violence of the game and also of the trivial language present all-day on the chat), nationality, skin color. However, in order to enjoy playing as long as possible (the main aim of this category of games), one has to buy PREMIUM ITEMS (as they call it) from their virtula ITEM MALL for REAL money. The problem is that a player is somehow forced to purchase such PREMIUM ITEMS in order to not suffer later in the game, as the use of these items can make one beneffit of special conditions that lead to DISCRIMINATIONS between players. Therefiore, if someone wants to play this game, he/she has to BUY (with real money) such PREMIUM ITEMS. This proves, whithout any doubt, that Silkroad Online is actually NOT a FREE game after all.
  Silkroad Online is a product. Even if you decide or not to pay for Premium Items, the company that develops the game must respect the BASIC consumer rights. Which JoyMax Co. Ltd. DOESN'T.
  One probelm that proves this occurs from the beginning. After you registered with JoyMax Co. Ltd., in order to be able to DOWNLOAD the FREE GAME CLIENT, one has to provide personal information for contact such as: First name, Last name, Country (which is auto-detectable by their own scripts, and which will not allow you to change it later on), Gender, Birth Date and most important the E-mail address. After all this registration process, you will NOT receive any kind of confirmation nor welcome message(s) from their servers into your e-mail address. Nobody knows (except for the company) where this information goes, how safely the information is kept or what exactly is it used for. As a matter of fact, not even when changing the PASSWORD of the account, the member will not receive any instruction or notification in his/her registered e-mail address. Everything is done on the website, which does not offer any transparency nor safety.
  The way to contact JoyMax Co. Ltd. is through their FORUM and/or BUG REPORT section, both on the website. NO e-mail address for contact, NO phone number provided for support, NO physically address of the company at all.
  The first way to contact them, the FORUM, does not offer anny assurance that your problem will be at least taken into consideration (or even being read), as many users are often in need to be helped or listened and this is only due to the problems that happen because of the game or inside the game. Even worse, users that complain "too much" will have their posts deleted or even their account suspended for a while (1-5 days) or for 100 years (the maximum punishment). The second way to "contact" JoyMax Co. Ltd. is their BUG REPORT section from thier website.This section can only be used (as they say) for reporting game bug's/errors or bad behaviours in the game. The bad part is that after you report something or comment on a bad behaviour, you will see a confirmation that states that your message has been sent for analysis. NO E-MAIL NOTIFICATION OR CONFIRMATION WILL BE SENT! You will have NO ideea if they read or solve the bug reported or punish the bad behaviour. In fact, users often complain that the problems they have brought into JoyMax Co. Ltd. attention are totally being IGNORED or considered NOT IMPORTANT (and you will have no ideea about anything, just suppose).
  The lack of contact persists IN the game too: users know , that as for all other MMORPG games, there are Game Masters (egg.: [GM]name), which are IN the game and can provide help in real-time when it is needed, actually being part of the game, but...sadly, NOT in Silkroad Online. There are actually Game Masters, but the only thing they do is announcing from time to time stuff (egg: weekley on Tuesdays, that the servers are undergoing server inspection; daily possible scams running around in the game). No one can ACTUALLY contact a Game Master, as the game is designed NOT TO.Therefore the players have NO direct help at all and rubbish explanations from some FORUM moderators (from time to time) ARE NOT ENOUGH!
  As far as we all know, especially MMORPG's players, a GM (Game Master) is designed to maintain a pleasant gaming experience by providing HELP-IN-GAME, and by solving the game problems and/or possible threats for the players, because a PROGRAMMER is actually designed to FIX the game BUG's and developing the game. Due to the lack of interest towards the consumers, more and more problems have started to appear: SCAMMERS, GOLD COMPANY SELLERS (gold is the virtual currency in Silkroad Online), PLAYERS WHO ABUSE THE SERVERS (botters, etc), PLAYERS WHO ABUSE OTHER PLAYERS (hackers). Of course, Joymax Co. Ltd. has done NOTHING to make an end for all of the above. In fact, their attitude incourages behaviours like these against LEGIT users, against their OWN Policy and Terms of Service.
  The main problem of LEGIT and FAITHFULL users are the BOTTERS ! This issue brings out perfectly the ignorance  of JoyMax Co. Ltd., and their disrespect towards their consumers. In the past months ACTUALLY  JoyMax Co. Ltd. did NOT do ANYTHING AGAINST BOTTERS, despite the growing number of complains and, of course, of botters. Botters are players that use BOT's, a 3rd Party Program that is used by this guys in order to benefit of illegal achievement in the game (egg: gold, level-up fatser and easier while not even staying at computer, items, fame, etc.). Despite stating that they are totally against botters and bot's, JoyMax Co. Ltd. is putting up, through their passivity, with these abusers.
  ACTUALLY (!) JoyMax Co. Ltd. is banning botters from time to time but ONLY AND ONLY  botters who did NOT purchased Premium Items from the company. This encourages more and more high level players that abuse legit players who purchased or not Premium Items. The most DISTURBING thing is that these abusers actually  CLAIM that JoyMax Co. Ltd. WILL NEVER BANN NOR SUSPEND their BOTTED accounts due to the fact that they purchased Premium Items.
  Which looks really true, and JoyMax Co. Ltd. acts against its own policy, NO DOUBT!

This petition wants to bring in JoyMax's attention that legit players will no longer put up with these abuses. JoyMax Co. Ltd. has 3 months to do something (in the real way!) for its legit custumers. If our requirement will not materialise, we will sue the company. That is right, we will sue JoyMax Co. Ltd. for its lack of transparency, lack of interest and support of the abusers ( botters ).

  We are sorry this is happening, but at this time, this is the only possible way to make our voices heared.

Therefore, YOU are reading this line, means you do understand what an ABBUSE is! State clearly your short message and SIGN the Petition not for a cause, not for a game, but for real people.
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