Kroger: Do More to Help Pets Left in Hot Cars!

When I asked Kroger to help locate a customer who left a dog in a hot car, management refused to help.Please sign this petition asking Kroger to change its policy regarding helping animals left in hot vehicles in its store parking lot.

While at a Mt. Sterling, KY-based Kroger on a 90 degree day, I noticed a dog in a vehicle. I went to get help from Kroger management, asking them to at least call over the loud speaker to alert the owner. I was told by management that Kroger doesn't get involved.

When I went online to clarify this, I received this reply from Kroger's Facebook page:

Hi, Carrie. We are very sorry to hear about the dog being left in the hot car. This situation however, is not within our control. As a retailer we do not page the owner of the car but we welcome our customers to call the police to inform them of the situation so they can deal with it appropriately. Again, we appreciate your concern and if you witness this again we encourage you to call the authorities. Thank you.

The Humane Society of the United States recommends that store managers or security guards make an announcement to locate car owners who have left a pet in a hot vehicle. We would like to see Kroger's policy change from zero involvement to helping to save the life of a child/animal in distress. Please sign this petition to ask Kroger to change its policy and do more to find customers who leave pets in hot vehicles!

Dear Kroger,

On a 90ºF day, the interior of a vehicle can reach 160ºF in minutes. Which means heatstroke for children and animals and possible death. This can be prevented if parents/owners would either leave the children and pets at home or take the children in. We both know it is very common for just a quick run in for a gallon of milk some believe the children/animals will be fine in the car with the windows cracked and doors locked this is not the case.

From a recent experience I realized Kroger's policy is not to get involved when a child/animal are found to be locked in a hot car. A simple paging over the loud speaker saying, "Could the owner of a blue Buick license plate XXX please come to the customer service desk?" is necessary. Then the danger should be explained to the customer and the customer should have the option to either leave and come back without the child/animal or the police could be called since this is neglect/abuse and against the law. If the owner does not come to the customer service desk in a reasonable amount of time and the child/animal are still locked in the hot car then the police should be called.

We would like to see the policy change from zero involvement to possible helping save a life of a child/animal in distress. Thank you for your time and concerns of children/animals lives.

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